It’s said that one half of our brain is more dominant than the other. Would you say you’re more creative, which is said to be a characteristic of the right side of the brain or more logical, said to be the left?

Arguably, to be creative, you need to think outside of the box. But just because your thought process is usually how to get from A to B, it doesn’t mean you can’t be imaginative. Likewise, a person more in touch with their creative side isn’t necessarily unstructured.

There’s a way to illicit a perfect blend of the two. So, whether you’re trying to entice a more creative touch out of your logical side or lack a structure to your creative process, we’ve some suggestions to help inspire creativity:

Ask questions

A good starting point is to ask lots of questions. Consider the end goal, who it’s for, what the uses may be, longevity, what equipment/tools are at your disposal.

Asking questions will help you to structure the creative process.  When you understand the fundamentals of the project, it can be easier to come up with the creative ideas for it.


Look at existing solutions to your problem, what materials are already available? If it is more of an artistic project, look to sites like Pinterest and Instagram with keyword searches to help inspire you on what others have done. They may even have helpful tips that you can apply to your own project.

Part of your research may be to look to music videos, music itself, TV or film to help you. This can inspire you to create anything from room design to holiday destinations.

Sharing your ideas with others and organising a mini focus group can also be just as effective. Your friends/family/colleagues may have ideas you’ve not considered that will help you find a solution to your problem or entice ideas for your project.

Creative concepts

For some projects there may be only one solution. However, in most cases, it is always a good idea to come up with two or three concepts,. This will give you plenty of choice and different options to work with if your preferred idea isn’t suitable for whatever reason.

moodboard for creative ideas

A moodboard can be a great way to visualise and illicit creative ideas

Push your boundaries

Sometimes you can be inspired by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Trying new games, activities, experiences, reading more, getting more involved, chatting to diverse groups of people can really help you to be inspired. When you’re lacking ideas, even a gentle walk can help to open up your mind and therefore ideas.


With ideas you find and like, print them out and create a mood board. Printing and arranging ideas in this way helps you to create a tangible vision of what the end goal can be. If you find words more inspirational, a mind map of your ideas can be just as effective. If the ideas don’t flow automatically or your unable to make concrete ideas immediately, pin it up on the wall/noticeboard so you can see it constantly and illicit inspiration from it.

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