How to Bring Your Personality into Your Work Space

Posted on Nov 6 2019 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

You deserve a work space that reflects who you are. Say you do a typical 9-5 job. You’re spending 33% of the working week at work. That doesn’t sound like a lot initially but when you consider that you spend another 33% of the week sleeping, that pretty much just leaves 34% for everything else; eating, showering, preparing, exercising etc. That’s a HUGE chunk of your time spent in the office.

Why shouldn’t you put your own stamp on your office space? It’s really important to create a space that can help you feel comfortable and happy.

Here are just some of our ideas and ways in which you can inject a little bit of your personality into your work space.

Before you hit the shops, bear in mind/find out the following:

  • What personalisation’s can you make in your work space- there is usually a written rule. If there isn’t just ask your boss.
  • Don’t have anything (like decals or stickers) that could damage equipment or furniture that belongs to the company- you could be liable for costs of repair.
  • Don’t have anything on your desk that could be offensive. Keep it tasteful.
  • Don’t clutter your work space- keep trinkets to a minimum and consider the practicality value.

Your own crockery

A pretty glass or water bottle and your own mug are office essentials. This will instantly add your own touches to your work space, plus you’ll not have to share utensils and crockery with unhygienic Ursula!

Chilly’s have a great selection of water bottles- best of all, they keep your drink hot or cold (depending on what you need!). We love the strawberry design!

Chilly's strawberry

How about a Cath Kidston mug to match? Plus, it can be popped in the dishwasher, ready for you to use again the next day. You can always add your name to it too with a ceramic marker so everyone knows who it belongs to!

Cath Kidston Mug


The easiest way to brighten up your work space is with stationery. And who doesn’t love stationery. When it comes to single-use pens, pencils, notebooks etc., rely on the office supplies so it doesn’t come out of your pocket. However, things like pots, organisers and coasters are brilliant for adding a little touch of you to the space and you can take these things away when you move jobs.

Desk organiser for your pens, post-its and phone is a simple way to update your work space. We like this metal and glass piece and letter holder (which can be used for pens too and has a cute calendar with it).


Add a picture or two of your family, friends or pets to help brighten your day. It could even be a picture of your motivator, like your next holiday. Pop it in a pretty frame and that way when you’re feeling a little blue, it’s sure to cheer you up.

You could even have a little mood board with a bit of everything that makes you happy!

Picture frames

Three aperture picture frame


There are not enough plants in the office and yet they give wonderous benefits like helping to increase happiness, productivity, creativeness and of course giving you a little clean air. We’d avoid any plant or flower with messy soil, plus you want something that is easy to care for. An orchid or rubber plant are good choices as they make little mess and need very little watering. Alternatively, you could always go with an artificial plant to help spruce up the office space.

rubber plant

Rubber plant and pot

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