You go through a lot of changes when you’re pregnant. You’re suddenly on a restricted diet where some seafood, cheeses and nuts are suddenly off limit. These things can seem hard but if you’re a coffee addict, going cold turkey seems unfathomable. Of course, you’re allowed decaf options but what about your coffee shop favourite? Are they as accommodating?

To give you the placebo effect, we got in touch with the largest of the UK high street coffee providers to see what options they have for you.



The American giant which can be found in most cities, shopping centres and service stations, Starbucks might just be your go-to when it comes to your daily coffee fix.

When you look to the Starbucks website or even when you go into store, it isn’t evident that there is an option to get your favourite drink in decaf.

However, there is good news. As it isn’t an advertised option, we got in touch with the press team who confirmed that all of their coffee-based drinks can come decaffeinated.

So, if you’re craving a Tumeric Latte, Mocha or any iced variation, you can have it!

Caffé Nero

Maybe it’s Café Nero that you love most.

The Italian coffee company offers a wide range of coffee-based drinks and plenty of milk options to go with it, including coconut, oat and soya. But can you get your favourite Americano, Cappuccino or Latte in decaf?

Again, even though it isn’t obviously advertised, Caffé Nero are proud to offer all coffee drinks with decaffeinated coffee. So there really isn’t any limitation in the kind of coffee you can enjoy here.


McDonalds have recently jumped on the coffee bandwagon with their McCafé range. Attempting to rival the leading coffee brands, you can get all your favourites; lattes, espresso’s, flat whites, iced and black coffees at your local McDonalds. Making grabbing your favourite drink on the go, that much easier with their coffees being available at their drive through sites too.

However, we got in touch with the press team at McDonalds who sadly advised that they currently don’t offer a decaffeinated option, as they don’t currently see a demand for it. We sure it won’t be long though until this becomes available and will update you if and when we see this change.

Costa Coffee

The Best of British coffee. Costa Coffee is born and bred in Bedfordshire and can be found in every other service station, fuel stations, industrial parks, shopping centres and towns. It is constantly expanding and seeking out opportunities, with drive-through shops now popping up in locations across the country.

It would be unsurprising if you were partial to a Costa Coffee, considering it is so easily available.

Do the UK’s enormous coffee suppliers, give you the option of decaffeinated?

It took quite some digging to find this one out. It isn’t advertised on their website, it isn’t mentioned on their signage and even I tried to contact several people at the press team, who simply didn’t respond. After much persistence, I contacted their customer service team who did confirm that all their coffee drinks are available with a decaffeinated option (they even had to double check to confirm!). Breathe a sigh of relief.

Even though it seems the option for a decaffeinated coffee isn’t widely available, it turns out that the majority of our favourite coffee shops can accommodate us coffee junkies, that for whatever reason, require a decaf option.

At least there’s one less thing that seems so restrictive. We hope this means you can enjoy your favourite beverage, your way.

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