Sam’s never been one to pigeonhole herself. She has qualifications and experience in sales, business, events and marketing and a variety of other passions. Her dedication to any project she puts her mind and hands to is unwavering. Anything Goes Lifestyle was born out of her vision to create a resource for equally interested, curious and passionate women. She is involved in all aspects of the business from researching and writing content to talking to all of our followers on social media. In her spare time, she likes to binge watch American comedy series, read fiction, cook (delicious treats more than anything!), travel, take walks on the beach and spend times with friends and family. She is also a major Disney nerd and in the process of planning a civil partnership to long-term boyfriend Chris.

As an avid traveller, Claire is often on the road. Having lived in seven different countries (including Bristol in the UK where she studied Journalism), her favourite place to be is somewhere new and different. There is nothing better than climbing a new mountain or walking the streets of an unknown city – except maybe enjoying the view at the top of the mountain with a book in her hand. Books make travelling better. Claire once wrote about her reading journey. We are excited to have someone so passionate about reading to recommend up and coming must reads and highlight her own reading experience.

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