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We love glossy magazines, as we are sure most of you do too. But we are busy, powerful, and resourceful women, and we don’t necessarily have the time or the desire to haul around a magazine for the chance we may get to read it. This is where the concept of AGL comes from. It is about providing you with the content you want to see, whenever you want to see it, in a format we think is most convenient to you.

You can access Anything Goes on your mobile, tablet, or computer, whenever and wherever you are.

What do we write about?

Whether it is having hundreds of recipes to inspire you at the touch of a button; getting the most up to date professional and well researched advice on a range of matters, including health, fitness, beauty and finance; supporting you in developing your career or interests; finding honest reviews on products and services to help save you time; helping you take control of your finances; or being inspired by travel stories and experiences– we want to provide this for you.

Through our carefully crafted category guide or search function, we hope you find what you are looking for. If you can’t, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We want this to be a site for you, our readers, and will happily research and create content important to you. You can reach our editorial team at: info@anythinggoeslifestyle.co.uk.

Most of our articles have no expiry either! Rather than keeping press clippings or bookmarking pages, you can head to our site and pull up any of our core articles, whenever you need it.

How we’re funded

We rely on advertising and membership support to fund our publication.

Tons of our articles and all our competitions are free for all to access. You will notice though that some content is reserved exclusively for our members (Patreon/Patrons) and this is just one way to thank them for their support. They also get bonus and automatic entries into all of our competitions. You can be an AGL member for as little as £1 per month and opt out any time.

When it comes to advertising, we have the following three options:

  1. The website and our weekly newsletter can be sponsored.
  2. We also run promotional features/advertorials/sponsored content.
  3. We also work with affiliate companies where there is a potential to make small commissions from the products we recommend through our site.

How can you tell what is sponsored content?

We want to be completely transparent about our partnerships. You can identify the content we make money on as follows:

  • With our site and newsletter sponsorship we will have banner adverts that highlight the collaboration.
  • For sponsored content, we highlight this in a few different ways. Unfortunately, lots of partners are reluctant to disclose partnerships but is something we insist on. You can identify sponsored content as follows:
    • At the top of the article, marked as ‘Promotional Feature’, ‘Sponsored Content’, ‘Affiliate Partnership’ etc.
    • At the bottom of the article, usually phrased as follows: ‘This piece was created in collaboration with XXX’.
    • At the top/or bottom of the article, we may highlight writing collaborations where we name the author who helped us create the content.
    • As a last resort option, we also offer our partners the option to disclose partnerships by highlighting this in the URL with the category ‘Promotional Feature’.
  • Finally, when it comes to affiliate content, where we may make a small commission on purchases made from links on our site, we will highlight in our articles (at the top or bottom) the links we know or suspect lead to our affiliate partners. Just to make you aware, some of the links are automatically converted via coding written into our site, we won’t know the links that convert until its published but will always do our best to highlight affiliate content. Making purchases via these links is one direct way you can help support our publication.

We are particularly choosy about who we work with

We will either have first-hand experience with those we work with, it is in keeping with the site and what we’re about, or we’ll look to customer reviews and won’t accept any partnership or content from companies that aren’t reputable.

When it comes to reviews and recommendations…

We do a lot of shopping and review based articles. We never recommend a product based on its commission potential, some of the products we share in these features we actually make no money from at all, we just think you will find them of interest. When it comes to product links, we try and source products at the cheapest price possible from sites we believe in and use ourselves.

We are often gifted products to try for the site, either by our own research and request, or we’ve been contacted about something that you may find of interest. Whichever way, our reviews will be honest with our own thoughts on how to use them with our very own top tips. We are not obliged to give a positive review and will not give something a positive review unless we believe it.

We will highlight any gifted products or services within our content at the bottom, or in our social posts with the hashtag or keyword ‘gifted’.

Get to know the team!

We are a very small team of 2 at Anything Goes, passionate about the topics we write about. We both have jobs outside of writing and holding the fort here to make our living and allow us to pursue our interests. That is until we can live the dream and work here full time of course!

Get to know the team personally: Find out more about our Editor Sam Clark and our Reader’s Corner creator, Claire Herbaux and read their articles!

The title of our publication is our motto!

We’re just passionately curious and want to cover topics and things of interest to you, our readers. We welcome your voice and guidance; we want this to be a site, a community, for you.

We really do hope you love it here.

Any queries or comments, please get in touch with the editorial team at: info@anythinggoeslifestyle.co.uk