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If you’re looking to get into streetwear fashion a little more and update your personal style, you will soon uncover a whole world of designs and brands. With streetwear now seen on the catwalk more than ever before, as well as the high street, the choice can be overwhelming.

From the big to the small, there are UK streetwear brands to suit everyone, whether you are diving in at the deep end or just starting out with streetwear staples. Here is an introduction to some of the streetwear brands you should seek out for your next shopping trip.

Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is an independent London streetwear label, founded by a female illustrator and designer. It grew from a market stall and hand-printing t-shirts into a much bigger deal, and now has over 250 stockists around the world.

Streetwear girl

Lazy Oaf is renowned for not taking things too seriously, with a streetwear collection that nods to youth nostalgia, teenage rebellion and not conforming to the norm. With both a men’s and women’s collection, there are retro sweatshirts, slogan t-shirts and even unique streetwear-inspired dresses. With a full range of accessories too, Lazy Oaf isn’t for the faint-hearted when it comes to streetwear.

Grind London

Grind London prides itself on an honest approach to men’s streetwear, with a clean aesthetic and high grade materials. With printed t-shirts, shirts, hoodies and tracksuits to name a few designs, Grind London has a very authentic streetwear style.

Described as ‘road-ready’ clothing, Grind London’s styles are urban and simple with a quirky edge and has continued to grow since 2008. A lot of the brand’s styles come from original visual concepts combined with native London cultures and roots.

Judas Sinned

With a very unique design aesthetic, Judas Sinned had its humble beginnings in creating custom t-shirts before transforming into a much bigger brand. Now creating bespoke styles with a rock and religious undertone, this UK streetwear brand has been going strong since 2009.

Its range of men’s streetwear includes the usual suspects like jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and tracksuits, as well as the likes of swim shorts and smart shirts with a twist.

With an iconic cross logo that is integral to the brand, each piece has a unique finish thanks to strong knowledge of design, fabrics and manufacturing techniques.

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Satta, meaning existence or being in Sanskrit, is unique in its approach to streetwear fashion, focusing on small-scale production using natural and sustainable materials. In a world where the fashion industry is forever under fire for being wasteful, this is a brand for the conscious consumer.

Launching its first collection of graphic tees in 2014, Satta has grown season by season. They offer a range of jackets, t-shirts, shirts, fleeces and bottoms, including lifestyle goods such as tote bags and incense sticks.

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