Make it a plan to get out this winter.

Days are short, nights are cold and dark, … it seems like the best place to be is at home on the sofa.

But in order to fight the winter blues, you SHOULD get out and do things. Sitting at home is comforting once in a while, but by no means a way to spend months at a time.

And if you think there is nothing to do this winter, then maybe you just need to get a bit of perspective.

We picked five cozy getaways for you so you can enjoy the winter and not feel gloomy at home. Pick one which suits you and take a little break from your every day.

Go mushing

You may not have time to go to Alaska, or Canada, or even Scotland, but it doesn’t mean you can’t fully embrace winter and go dog sledding.

Believe it or not, you can do that without snow or sled – in Gloucestershire.

Artic Quest offer sled dog adventures and sled dog experiences in Tewkesbury. So while your friends may be looking for sunny beaches to go to, you could go spend a few days mushing.

During the day, you can get involved with the pack, learn about the animals and learn to run the dogs on a three-wheeled bike. Then you can spend the night in a tipi or hut.

Your own little cabin in the woods

If you are going to have a full weekend of reading in a cozy chair with a hot tea or chocolate in your lap, then go all out and get a cabin in the woods.

Forest Holidays offer just that – the chance to spend a day in a wooden hut nestled in the woods, in front of a fire, maybe even wake up to a snowy forest around you. It doesn’t get more magical than that. During the day you can go for a walk in the forest, get some fresh air and then come in to a warm hut for a cuppa. That is what a relaxing holiday is about. Our favourite is a getaway to Sherwood Forest, but you can pick your favourite.

Pembrokeshire coast in winter

You may not go for a swim (good luck if you do), but a walk along the cliffs or beach can be just as beautiful in winter.

Imagine this: You head to Wales for a weekend away, have a cream tea in a cute little village, then go for a wander along the beach, with the cold wind in your hair and only the odd person walking their dog, before heading to a cozy boutique hotel with a view of the sea.

You won’t be sun bathing, but you can still tackle sections of the Pembrokeshire coastal path and take in the the beautiful views, without the usual tourists. And the upside to the short days is that you can stick around for the sunset or even be up to see the sunrise.

A spa with coastal views

Treat yourself! Go on, you deserve a break from the harsh winter. And there is nothing like this spa to transport you far, far away from your weekday worries.

The Scarlet is a luxury eco hotel for adults only on the edge of the ocean. Yes, you read that right. It is the dream. It is a hotel, restaurant and spa. You can book packages for two, three or four nights with spa treatments and massages included.

You will come back from your Cornwall break a new woman!

Go outdoors

Yes, it is cold. But really, all you need is an extra layer (and a good place to come back to and warm up after a walk outside).

It may seem like it is just around the corner, but the Somerset Levels are a magical place in winter.

During working hours you won’t find the time, but if you have a few days spare, head to the Levels to experience the starling murmuration. It is a spectacle which should be on your bucket list. Not only do you have beautiful surroundings, but in he evening millions of starlings swirl through the sky above you. If you are lucky, the sky will be clear and start going orange and pink as the sun sets, making it even more impressive.

You can then find a little guest house to retreat to after your evening walk.

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