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It’s freezing!

You can argue about when the ‘Christmas season’ starts all you want, but we can all agree that it is cold and winter is here.

Keep this list somewhere so you can grab it when it starts getting cold so you can quickly stock up on everything you need to stay healthy throughout winter.

Let’s be honest, keeping healthy in winter is HARD!

It is too cold for a run outside, there are germs everywhere, the flu, the common cold, people sneezing and coughing.

And yet, there are ways to fight off quite a lot of symptoms. The key lies – as it so often does – in our food.

If you are going to expect your body to fight illnesses, give it some weapons to fight with.

Here is what should be on your next shopping list:

  • root vegetables; get carrots for a beta-carotene boost and turnips for vitamins A and C
  • oatmeal; it’s high in zinc, which is good for a proper immunce function
  • broccoli and cauliflower; both high in vitamin C
  • honey; it boosts your immune system and keeps your digestion healthy
  • thyme; get a plant for your kitchen for fresh thyme tea to fight off any cold
  • licorice; the taste isn’t for everyone, but there are enough variations (tea, liquid, capsules) and it’s a winter must – it boosts your immune system and soothes your throat if you have first signs of a cold
  • eucalyptus oil; buy a bottle and you won’t regret it. In liquid form it is very versatile: put some on a tissue and keep it next to your bed to clear your airways at night or pour a few drops into a bowl of steaming hot water to inhale
  • lemon and ginger; the unbeatable combination you should always have at home; look at all the recipes you can add a little ginger to.

P.s. You can’t buy day light (though there are lamps to replace daylight), so make an effort to get some daylight, even if that means switching up your daily routine to take a walk at lunch time and stay a little later at work when it is dark. You’ll be in need of some Vitamin D too to stay fit and well.

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