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Fireworks can be a great way of finishing off an event at your home or celebrating a special occasion. However, while they can be absolutely beautiful, there are a number of dangers you might need to think about. When used improperly, fireworks do have the potential to cause significant damage and injury, including death. Therefore, thinking about the type of fireworks you plan to choose, the space available, and even the guests present, can help to keep you all safe.

Loud fireworks

If you really want to finish your firework session in a spectacular manner, you might want to consider the use of mine fireworks which can be buried in the ground. One of the important factors here can be space. You might need a large area, surrounding the firework, to prevent damage from occurring. Likewise, some of these can be exceptionally loud, so may not be suitable if babies, young children, pets, or even army veterans are present. When utilising loud fireworks, you may also wish to alert the neighbours of your plans, so they can adjust their own lives accordingly. Some mine fireworks may not be suitable for use in a standard garden; therefore, it is important you do your research before purchasing.


Consider how to safely dispose of fireworks when they’re finished with

When your fireworks have completely gone out, you may want to think about how you can correctly and safely dispose of them. You might want to put sparklers into a bucket of sand, water, or even soil so that they can cool down and you can be sure they are no longer dangerous. Any fireworks that weren’t used, or didn’t work correctly, could still be at risk of exploding. Due to this, these should be submerged in water for at least 2 days before being put in the bin. If at any point, you are in doubt about what to do, it could be a good idea to get in touch with your local fire safety team.


With the exception of sparklers, which are held in the hand, you should remain a significant distance away from lit fireworks. The safety distance stated on the packaging will be an indicator of this length. Some fireworks may require as little as 8 metres distance, while others may need a great deal more. Even the use of the aforementioned sparklers can be dangerous, so you might want to wear gloves while using them, and keep your arm stretched out away from your body. It is important to not point fireworks toward others, or light them indoors. If you have been consuming alcohol, it may also be a good idea to not use the fireworks, and store them safely for a different occasion where you are completely sober.

Fireworks can bring delight to adults and children alike. However, if used improperly, the effects could be devastating. Due to this, fireworks aren’t available for purchase for people under 18 years old. When lighting fireworks in your garden, you might want to follow the safety guidelines and handle them with care.

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