Starting a workout routine at home can be difficult, especially if you aren’t sure where to begin. When it comes to buying fitness equipment, there’s no one size that fits all. But if you’re new to thinking about all of this, then you might not know what size fits you. This blog post will help you to decide what kind of investment you want to make and how it can help you to upgrade your exercise plan.

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Resistance bands

Muscle activation therapy

Perfect for integrating into your current bodyweight training programme, resistance bands add an extra level of difficulty to your squats, glute bridges and dead bugs. They’re a really versatile piece of kit that can be used for just about any exercise and take up very little space. What’s more, they come in different levels, meaning you can choose more or less resistance as needed to suit your level of strength.


MySimba for weight loss

A real strength-training classic, dumbbells are an easy way to build your upper body muscles. While dumbbells may seem intimidating to those who aren’t used to lifting weights, you can begin with only a couple of kilograms and do high repetition routines. Gradually increase weights as you feel more comfortable and have mastered proper form.

Exercise or Yoga mat

You don’t want to be exercising on a hard wooden floor and it’s always good to protect your carpet from wear and tear. Getting a suitable mat for your exercises can improve grip and balance as well as offer cushioning for your knees. Consider whether you need a thicker mat for comfort or a thinner one for easier storage.

Yoga strap

Some people forget about stretching when planning their workout routine, but a yoga strap can help you to improve your flexibility and joint mobility. Whether you’re looking for a greater range of motion in your shoulders or are working to deepen your forward fold, a yoga strap can make stretches more effective than before.

Proper footwear

While some exercises can be done without shoes, types of cardio and strength training require your feet to have adequate support. Do some research and ask a professional for advice if you’re not sure what kind of footwear would suit you best. For example, when jumping rope you need enough cushioning to avoid hurting your ankles.

Foam roller

How to use a foam roller

If you’re getting serious about working out, you might be tired of feeling muscle aches the next day. Foam rollers can help your muscles to recover and may help you feel more comfortable in the morning. They’re easy to use and will be much cheaper in the long run than booking a trip to your local massage parlour. To step it up a level, invest in a massage gun for a more intense treatment.

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