Written in collaboration with Ahd Bachri, a Certified Professional Organizer & Interior Re-designer. Here Ahd shares with you 3 easy steps to help you organize your closet, save time and money.

Step 1: Choose what to keep

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself as you pull out each garment:

1.     Does it suit my lifestyle?

2.     Does it flatter my body type?

3.     What about the color? Does it flatter my skin tone?

4.     Does this garment make me feel good about myself?

For those items that you’d like to keep, treat your garments with care to make your cherished pieces last longer and in turn save you lots of money. Wash garments inside out, always follow the care label and invest in good quality hangers to protect the delicate fabrics.

Step 2: Revive your old garments

All of us are making pledges to be more sustainable and one easy change you can make is to revive your old clothes. Make your garments exciting again by adding small touches or changes, such as changing the length or the buttons, as an example. Let your imagination and creativity run wild and you will be amazed by the results- it’s also incredibly fun.

Remember, this will not only extend the life of your favorite clothes but will also help reduce the impact of textile waste on the environment.

Step 3: Identify garments to donate

For those that no longer suit you, or those that can no longer be revived, it’s helpful to ask yourself the following questions to determine how its best to donate or dispose of your clothes:

  1. Is it in decent shape?
  2. Is it clean and stain-free?

If it no longer fits, or cannot be altered to be re-used but it is clean and in generally good condition, you could consider donating these items to your local charity shop or selling these through sites like Facebook Marketplace, Vinted or eBay. It’s a great way to re-purpose if you can’t use these items anymore and helps to support a cause you resonate with, or make a little extra cash towards your next purchases.

For those that have holes, stains, are torn or a little more disheveled, think twice before throwing them away.  Contact your local textile recycling centre to see if they can make use of it. Some items, depending on the condition, they can be sent to struggling communities around the world or broken up to be used as rags or other purposes.

It’s always best to wash and repurpose as much as possible when it comes to organizing your closet.

Good luck!

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