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Summer is a time to relax and turn up the heat!

For your summer holiday or beach days this year, we’ve picked some hot, some truly steamy reads for you. Trust us, some will make you blush!

If you are reading the book (or ebook), get yourself settled on your towel or lounger, grab a hat for the sun and make sure you can see against the bright light. Alternatively, all the books in our selection are also available as audiobooks so you can pop in your headphones and close your eyes and just listen.

The Love Wager, by Lynn Painter

Is it friendship or is it more? Hallie and Jack had a one-night-stand and are not interested in each other, but find each other again on a dating app, looking for love.

For Jack it’s more than just friendship though, which brings in the romance. Their chats about dates and dates gone wrong (this is where the comedy comes in) are not easy for him to bear.

It’s a sweet change to see the guy struggling with his feelings for once!

Just as You Are, by Camille Kellogg

Here is a witty and romantic story for you from the queer scene of New York City.

Libby works at a queer magazine along with her roommates, and it was going to shut down until two wealthy women decided to invest. Against all odds, Libby ends up quite liking her new boss, Daria.

The lesbian dating world isn’t easy though, between exes and gender representation, and worries about being too butch or not enough… and of course Daria being her boss at a financially struggling publication.

A Summer on the Riviera, by Rachel Barnett

Set of woman’s accessories seen from above, top view. Concept image for advertising or poster. Assorted fashionable accessories on wooden desk or table. Studio product horizontal photograph.

It’s going to be a perfect summer; hard work, but its cruising along the Italian coast on a super yacht. It’s Bella’s first job onboard, but certainly not her first time dealing with high-end clients so it shouldn’t be different from her hotel jobs.

As you can imagine though, there is one guest that catches Bella’s eye, and it’s tricky to be professional, especially when he is always coming to her with requests.

The romance is a little predictable (though very sweet) but the stories going on in the background are the real page turners!

ATE, by Rilzy Adams

Never read a novelette? This one is pure erotica and a perfect read for the beach – if you can take the heat. No long backstory, just the essentials, two characters, one evening, one catered meal.

It’s a short 1-hour read (or audiobook) that more than covers the sex part of this list of summer reads. 😉

Together Again, by Millie Johnson

For a little less romance and more family drama, here are three sisters who each grew up practically as only children, being 7 years apart, and now reunited at their mother’s death.

Almost strangers, they deal with packing up the almost mansion they grew up in, slowly getting to know each other and each dealing with a bit of romance on the side (or lack thereof). You can guess who will end up together (or not) but you won’t see the two real plots twist coming.

Zora Books her Happy Ever After, by Taj McCoy

Indie bookseller Zora is torn between two men: The writer who she had been dreaming of for a while, and his friend, the teacher. While with every date and encounter it seems obvious to who is the best choice, it’s not as easy to see for Zora. But the true beauty of this book is the character of Zora herself: a determined strong black woman, successful and career-orientated, and who seems to know about life. Everywhere she goes she is at ease – even in a cigar shop!

Book Lovers, by Emily Henry

Nora’s sister drags her to a small-town for a summer holiday, hoping it will change her sister who is a cutthroat literary agent and a bit of a workaholic. Libby has a to-do list of typical rom-com events from saving a local store to dating hot local men.

And so, this is what happens, except that instead of hot men, she runs into her editor colleague Charlie who she despises. Or does she?

There are some steamy scenes waiting for you here, as well as sweet sisterly moments between Nora and Libby.

Where will your reads take you this summer?

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