There is nothing better than a beach day on a beautiful summer’s day (or evening) and nothing worse than having that beach crowded by people.

It’s not that we aren’t tolerant of playing children and dogs running around and it’s not that we don’t want everyone to enjoy a beach day, but not at the same time and in the exact same spot as us.

Sometimes we just need a space to think or enjoy nature. It’s soothing to hear the sounds of the waves, it’s relaxing to dip your feet in the sand and water, so here are 5 of our favourite secluded spots across the country so you can enjoy a quiet day whether you are on holiday or at home.

South East

Titchwell Beach

Finding hidden gems is all about timing. Titchwell Beach is best enjoyed at low tide when it feels like the beach goes on forever.

If you are in Norfolk, Titchwell Marsh is the RSPB Nature Reserve located nearby which attracts visitors, but not too many make it past the marshes and lagoon to the sandy part looking out onto the sea.

So, whether you are into birdwatching or not, head to the beach and enjoy the views over The Wash, one of Norfolk’s nature reserves.

Location: postcode PE31 8BA, OS grid map: TF 7584 4484

South West

Mupe Bay

Nowadays nowhere is secret anymore, but there are places where you can feel almost alone on earth – because you have to earn your access there. That’s the case with Mupe Bay. If you live or holiday in Dorset, you have probably been to Lulworth Cove. It is beautiful, and everyone knows it. But did you know that you can walk east along the cove and further along the coast around 40 minutes to reach a small hidden bay? We discovered in by accident on a hike and that is Mupe Bay. At first, at low tide, it was sandy with beautiful rockpools, and by the time we finished our break, the tide had come up and it’s mainly rocky, but beautiful to sit and look out onto the sea.

Location: postcode BH20 5QB, OS grid map SY 8434 4483

Gammons Head Beach

There is a secret bay at Gammons Head Beach

Did we mention the best views need to be earned?

If you have walked the South West Coastal Path, you may have seen the bay and the beach, and just weren’t sure if you could go down there. We are here to tell you that you can. And once you make it down, if you aren’t too visible, no one will follow you because few people know it’s accessible.

If you are between Plymouth and Torquay in the South Devon AONB, head to the area around East Prawle, which is also where you can park. Walk west towards Prawle Point Cliffs and you will be overlooking a small sandy bay – that’s where you want to go! It’s steep, so plan that you have to go back up and don’t go alone if you aren’t too sure – but it’s worth it!

Location: postcode TQ7 2BX, OS grid map SX 7668 3573


Porthselau Beach, Pembrokeshire

Pronouncing it is harder that finding it. While it isn’t a big secret that this place exists, it is definitely a hidden gem and the go-to place for those in-the-know when the well-known Whitesands Bay is crowded.

You can access this small sandy beach from the Pembrokeshire coastal path from Rhosson Farm (SA62 6PY) and while it looks like you can walk to Whitesands, time it well as it’s only possible at low-tide (we tried and turned around).

If you like the area and want to stay close there is a campsite at the above-mentioned farm and you could go down to the beach early in the morning to really have it all to yourself.

Location: postcode SA63 6PY, OS grid map SY 8434 4483

The North

Bamburgh, Northumberland

It is colder up north than it is in the south, so you may not think of jumping in the water immediately, but this beach is ideal for a stroll. Bamburgh Beach is a quiet, unspoilt beach about a mile from the nearest car park (which is why it is quiet).

It is not too far from Bamburgh village and its castle and only an hour north of Newcastle Upon Tyne. If you make the journey up there and walk to the beach, you will be rewarded with castle views from the beautiful white sand beach as well as an opportunity to spot wildlife – from seabirds to seals.

Location: postcode NE69 7DF, OS grid map NU 1809 3493

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