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Spring is right around the corner and after a long, cold winter you are ready for something other than a snow-blanketed lawn and garden. You want colour and lots of it! Now is the time to begin planning your garden but you are ready for something different this year? Here are some landscaping tips that will give you that lovely garden of your dreams and it really is much easier than you’d imagined!

1. Plant with texture in mind

While most gardeners are enthralled by the colours they can achieve seasonally, there’s something to be said for texture as well. Here, you may wish to sketch out a diagram of your garden so that you can plan where to place plants of varying heights. This adds texture to your garden so that you aren’t looking at row after row of flowers and foliage.

For this you really will need a diagram because you can’t have those smaller pansies hidden behind taller flowers like irises or heather. Although you don’t always need to plant like a stairway with taller plants in the back and the smallest ones nearest your vantage point, you should work on planting so that everything can be seen from one or more angles. It’s amazing the effects you can achieve with texture!

2. Garden fences and trellises

Use trellises to create features around the garden

Speaking of texturizing your garden, have you considered adding an assortment of vining plants and flowers? These can be planted on a garden trellis or on garden fence panels so that they climb and spread to add texture as a backdrop to the effect you are after. Companies like The Garden Trellis Co. have a line of bespoke garden fences and trellises that can be specially ordered to the height and width you need within the dimensions of your garden. It should also be noted that by planting climbing plants along exterior fencing you can add an extra layer of security along with the beauty you are aiming for. If you haven’t considered just how much vining plants can add to your garden, isn’t it time to think about just how beautiful vines and climbing flowers truly are?

3. Combine hardscaping elements

When you think of gardening you probably are thinking of either decorative or edible plants. While this is the basis for your garden, don’t forget that some elements don’t need to grow and can remain year after year. Yes, you have some perennials planted that will come back each year after the last frost, but what about garden statues, fountains and paving stones? These hardscaping elements can be a nice ‘finishing touch’ to that garden you’ve worked so hard to grow. Even marble benches are a nice touch because they give you somewhere to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature all around.

Finally, you may wish to consider what kinds of plants attract birds and butterflies. You’ll need those bees as well to help pollinate your flowers, and all of these add to the beauty of your garden. Don’t limit your garden landscaping to organics but add hardscaping elements like fences, trellises, fountains and benches. If you want a beautiful garden, vary your landscaping elements for the ultimate effect.

This post was created in collaboration with Garden Trellis.

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