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If you feel like the last year has worn you down with work, life’s stresses or one thing or another, this is a post for you.

The New Year brings a fresh perspective, a chance to start something new and a sense of optimism when reflecting on the year gone by. There is no better time to pursue your passions, or perhaps to discover something new about yourself entirely, than the dawn of a new year.

Whether you’re looking for peace of mind, a chance to take your passions for your hobby to the next level or looking for a change in career; there is no better way to explore your horizons than participating in a course. And Udemy have a wide range of courses to suit every need and every personality. All of which are workable around you.

Perhaps your objectives for the year are for wellness?

Then a course in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, stress management, chakra or energy healing may be something for you.

In an ever chaotic world sometimes we lose a sense of self. A course with an emphasis on wellness can help us to refocus more on ourselves and our wants and needs in life. Practising yoga, meditation and mindfulness have all proven benefits in reducing stress, anxiety and obtaining a more sense of focus. Something we could all do with a little more of in 2018.

Looking to pursue a hobby further?

Have a keen interest in photography, drawing, makeup, skincare, hair styling, gardening or home improvements? Specific courses in subject matters such as eyelash extensions, bio-organic farming or garden design are likely to be of interest.

Not only will these courses help you practice a keen interest but you’ll learn new skills that could spur a new career path.  In addition, pursuing a hobby has shown to help improve mental and physical health and overall make up a happier, better-rounded individual.

Or maybe you’re looking to get ahead in your career or test your feet in the water for a degree course.

Transferable skills such as finance, statistics, social media knowledge, management, knowledge or IT systems and accounting software are all desirable in an ever changing marketplace. If you’re looking to get ahead in your career, brushing up on such skills and applying them in the workplace will certainly get you noticed.

More so, if you’re looking to start your own venture in 2018 such skills are invaluable in giving you the confidence to help drive your own business success, particularly if this is a challenging endeavour and you may feel you’re lacking in some of these business essential areas.

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