It is not just looks, characteristics and traits that are passed from generation to generation. As  we learned from our recent ​treatment with Master Oh​, we’re also susceptible to emotional  patterns, pain, health issues and even addictions.

As we delve into our family and DNA history, it is the emotional patterns, trauma and pain  from previous generations that can be the reason we feel short of energy, suffer frequent ill  health and feel anxious and depressed for no apparent reason. We are expressing similar  emotions and patterns that previous generations experienced and are still carrying. Living or  deceased, these energetic emotions are within and around us impacting our lives and  preventing us from really thriving and reaching our true potential.

Ancestral Healing can help us to open the channels to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling  life.

What is Ancestral Healing?

Ancestor healing is a course rooted in ancient Eastern practice to respect our ancestors and  heal the energetic patterns they are carrying from their lives. This has a profound effect on  future generations, the benefits of which can often be felt physically mentally and emotionally.  The course uses light (frequency), energy and sound (vibration) to clear inherited patterns and  brighten the energy of our family and ancestors’.

Ancestry healing

It is said that many people die with emotions, attachments, regrets and desires that have not  been resolved or released. This affects the spirit and ability to be in a peaceful state. As such,  the spirit stays connected to the earth affecting all the people that person was connected to,  but mostly living family members.

Ancestor healing not only helps us to overcome difficulties in our life in the here and now, but  helps our ancestors to overcome the issues they experienced in their physical life, helping  them to heal the emotional and physical pain that they hold as an energetic frequency.

The Ancestor Healing Ceremony

The programme consists of a 21 day course to help heal inherited energy patterns by purifying  the family karma, going back more than 8 generations. Our ancestors receive the energy and  invisible light they need to reach a higher state of happiness and peace.

The ceremonies include: The person doing the course offers flowers and prepares the food  that their ancestors used to eat. These are then offered during the ceremony for our ancestors  to enjoy. During the ceremony special chanting takes place to connect to the universe, helping  to calm the minds and feel peaceful. Master Oh then transmits energy and light to our  ancestors to help them move into a higher state. The ceremony finally ends with a short  meditation.

How will you feel?

Everyone is different. It can be quite an emotional rollercoaster and you may even feel more  fatigued or a sense of heaviness during the process. But following, everyone generally feels  they have more energy, peace, increased mental clarity, relief of pain, improved sleep and an increased feeling of self-confidence. When you look at the testimonials, the consensus is that it  is a profound experience that has had wondrous benefits.

So, if you’re in a constant state of poor-health, mentally and physically, and even feel like you’re  on the decline. This could be the life changing course for you. If you’re interested in finding out  more, we’d recommend heading to the ​Master Oh website​ for more details and booking a  consultation.

This piece has been created in collaboration with Master Oh and his team. We received a  complimentary treatment to write ​our review​ but have been so fascinated by the subject, and  is something we think may be of interest to you too, we’ve created a further two pieces (this  one, and ​6 tips for a more positive life​).

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