As our eyes have opened to the power and importance of energy flow, following our energy treatment. So, we asked Master Oh the ways in our Qi is affected and what can be done to connect to, and harness the unique vibration of the life force energy. He’s shared with us 6 tips for ways in which we can have a more positive life.

Be happy- a happy mind is a positive mind

It’s important to remember the power of the mind – a positive and happy mind supports our body, mind and spirit. Gratitude is an essential ingredient to cultivating a happy mind. Express gratitude to others as well as reflecting on all the things you have to be grateful for. Practise opening your heart with words and actions – a kind act is never forgotten and will give you so much joy and happiness.

Energy in the home

Having good quality energy in your home is essential for health and happiness. Clear, bright and free-flowing energy supports vitality, harmony between family members and good physical, emotional and mental health. When the energy is poor it can result in negative emotions, such as depression, lack of motivation and anxiety. As well as physical symptoms such as low energy and insomnia.

Eastern philosophy believes that the energy of a physical space stems from three different sources: the Earth energy where the home is built, the energy of the people who currently live there, and the energy of those who lived there in the past. Walls hold the history, not only in the physical sense but energetically too.

Master Oh can sense the quality of energy in your home. He is able to feel both the Earth energy as well as pick up the energetic influences coming from those who previously lived there. Master Oh can lead a ceremony known as ‘Ka Shin Je’ to purify the negative energy and create a long-lasting clear, bright and peaceful environment. This ceremony can take place in your home or at his practice.

Diet- let food by thy medicine

It’s no secret that food is to the body, what petrol is to a car.  Eating regularly as opposed to snacking on sugary treats or caffeinated drinks will help maintain energy levels.  Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day as our bodies are made up of 70% water.

The importance of a good night’s sleep

A night of restful sleep gives us mental clarity, physical energy and emotional stability as well as increasing our performance at work. It also gives us greater resilience to illness and maintains hormonal balance, which all adds up to helping us live longer, healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

What many people don’t realise is that we need energy to sleep and it is a shortage of Qi energy that is often the root cause of insomnia and other sleep issues. Just like we need energy for moving, thinking and digesting food, we also need energy to help us to feel calm and peaceful. When we are short of energy, we feel a sense of restlessness and an inability to switch off. Lack of energy creates excessive thinking, which prevents the body from finding peace and therefore sleep. A lack of sleep can have a huge impact on our lives, leaving us feeling foggy headed and emotional, making our muscles ache and generally feeling pretty awful.

Master Oh’s energy treatments have been enormously beneficial in helping people overcome their sleep issues. His treatments focus on recharging the body with ‘human energy’- Qi, whilst opening the body’s energy channels to create a balanced flow of Qi. Qi is the invisible energy that creates and supports all life. It supports our organs and cells making our body function correctly. An energy treatment helps clear toxins and release emotional tension bringing the body back into balance, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and ready for bed.

Smile- if you have nothing else to offer me, offer me your smile

The famous Louis Armstrong song goes, ‘when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.’ Smiling is infectious, when you smile you can make others happy. Practise smiling in front of the mirror. Even if you don’t feel like it, the more you practise, the happier you will become. Not only does smiling make you and others happy, but it also enables the free flow of Qi energy around your body further supporting your health and happiness.

Energy Classes

Master Oh practices a martial arts technique called Qi Classes, which allows him to restore his energy levels, cleanse his body and deepen his connection by receiving Qi. He recommends this practice to anyone who wishes to receive energy on a regular basis as well as find peace and a deeper sense of spiritual and personal awareness. Qi classes are also the perfect practice for people suffering from low energy or any health condition – they are deeply healing.

Qi classes teach you how to tap into your own ‘human energy’ and learn how to renew it in a sustainable way. Once the energy system is open, slow movements are used to circulate energy to all the organs and systems of the body. This energy helps us to clear toxins and negative emotions, leaving us feeling overall lighter and more positive. The class finishes with meditation, which helps us to find the stillness and clarity we need to reflect on our lives. The true purpose of reflection, Master Oh teaches, is to grow a more loving and compassionate mind.

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