Our Trespasses

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After his gripping legal thriller, Contempt last year, Michael Cordell is back this year with a very different kind of story.

Just in time for Halloween, Our Trespasses is out and it is a truly horrifying story.

Somewhere between horror and thriller, this paranormal story will make you squirm and shudder.

Not many people know about the psychic connection between the twins Jake and Matt and no one knows that this connection caused Matt to leave Nebraska for the East Coast to put as much distance as possible between himself and his brother.

When Jake is murdered in Nebraska however, Matt almost collapses from pain in a bar in New York, proving the connection is still intact and it becomes even stronger when Matt returns to his hometown for the funeral.

Jake’s life hadn’t earned him a spot in a blissful afterlife and now he is suffering slowly and painfully every day. Which in turn means Matt is suffering, even more since the evil is trying to take over his body and make his way into the world of the living.

It’s a gruesome tale of a battle with Jake’s past demons as well as some very real demons which will send shivers down your spine every time they force their way into our world.

Our Trespasses by Michael Cordell was published 15th October 2021 by TCK Publishing. IBSN: 1631611534

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