A wash and set is typically an in-salon service that involves washing, drying and, to some extent, curling your hair (depending on the rollers used). It’s a practice that dates back decades and although not usually preached about often, it is something some of our favourite bloggers and celebrities have regularly, so they’re always photo ready. For many of us though, it is a luxury treatment that many of us can’t justify the weekly excursion to the hairdressers to have done. However, it is something you can learn to do at home and we show you how.

We won’t lie, it obviously takes a bit longer than your standard blow dry, but it doesn’t require as much time as you’d expect. Plus a set will generally last a little longer than a standard wash so it is worth spending that little extra time on giving your hair some tlc after washing. If you’re a little pressed for time though, you can always do a half head or just around your parting to give your hair a lift.

We’re confident you’ll be so happy with the results that it’ll be your new go-to style.

To set your hair at home, you’ll need:
  • Rollers- Large rollers for volume/structured styles, small rollers for tight curls
  • Setting spray- we use Elnett hairspray
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairdryer
  • Brush/hair accessories

Preparing your hair

  • First wash and condition your hair as normal. To get the best results from your treatment we’d recommend using a shampoo suited to the function such as volumising.
  • After washing, pat/scrunch the hair in a clean, dry towel to remove excess moisture.
  • Comb through your hair and apply a volumising mousse or texturising spray evenly into your roots and mid lengths. 
  • Using your dryer, blow dry your hair with your fingers, moving the hair in all different directions to create lift and volume; bending over and blow drying your hair is also very effective.  You want your hair to be 80% dry.

Setting your hair in rollers

Hair Rolling Tips

  • Part your hair as you prefer it.
  • Working from your parting outwards, pick a neat section of hair that is slightly narrower than the roller.
  • Start the roller close to your root, then roll it along the shaft of your hair until it reaches approximately 1 inch from the end.
  • Tidy the end around the roller and roll back towards your scalp, keeping the hair neat around the roller.
  • Secure with a roller or curl clip, or a bobby pin if you have nothing else and repeat until all of the hair is in rollers.

Note: It’s best to work with from the parting with non-virgin hair as it’ll take to the treatment more effectively. If you have thicker hair, you may find it best to work from the forehead back for a more natural look.

Setting the style

  • Spray with hairspray to give the hair more structure and hold.
  • With your dryer on a medium heat and your nozzle on the end, to better direct the heat, run the heat over the rollers for a total of several minutes. 
  • When hair is completely dry, blast over the rollers with the cold setting on the dryer to set. 

Finishing up

  • Remove your rollers one at a time, using your fingers to tease the hair apart.
  • Once all out, using a brush, smooth the hair near your roots to make it look more natural. Avoid using on the mid-lengths and ends unless you’re just creating a bit of volume or wave.
  • Finish with hairspray or tease into your preferred style.

Vois la! A salon worthy setting you can do in your own home for any occasion and save yourself tons (and time for days after) in the process.

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