Most of us have a hair wash schedule. Whether it’s something we do every day, every other, once a week or even less. But it’s something we take VERY seriously.

There’s a lot of planning when it comes to washing your hair.  It takes a certain amount of time for the routine; to wash it, dry it and style it. Then of course there are occasions that we want our hair to appear fresher than normal. It may mean altering your schedule altogether or washing it twice in a day.

But how frequently do you need to wash your hair? Why does it matter? In our latest hair care feature, we talk to the hair care experts to find out. Will it change your habits?

Victoria Panting, Paul Mitchell Educator, advises that, as a general rule when it comes to washing your hair how often you wash it will come down to a few things:

Your hair type

Thick brunette and Asian hair types generally get greasy quicker, so shampooing every 2-3 days is advisable. Whereas, over processed, coloured and Afro hair can often need washing less often (once a week).

Your lifestyle

Do you go to the gym a lot and do sweaty workouts? If so, invest in a great dry shampoo that will reduce oil but act as a refresher to help you go for longer between washes.

What kind of colour do you have in your hair?

Colours that need to be pre-lightened (bleach) will often need washing less. This is for 2 reasons: 1 – the hair will be naturally dryer and 2- you want to keep the colour fresher. For example, with your beautiful silver toner, you don’t want to be washing that every day as it will fade too quickly!

Getting out of your daily shampoo routine

If you imagine that the more you wash and touch your hair, the more you will cause the sebaceous gland to produce oil. It creates a cycle – the more you wash, the more it needs washing.

A great product to help you transition is Shampoo 2 – it contains citric extract (lemon) which cuts though the oil to remove it but also has chamomile in it which will help to slow down the production of oil in the hair. This will help you to move to shampooing every 2 days. Then to every 3 if you want.

Trends to help you transition

Look at the trends right now. You might feel like you can’t wear your hair down on the 2nd day initially but great news is that headband and scrunchy fever is here to stay another season, so take advantage of this trend to help you transition your cycle of shampooing.

Protecting your hair colour

Hair wash in shower

Prolonging your hair wash will help to ensure you keep that perfect Instagram worthy colour you so desire. As highlighted above, over-washing could mean more frequent visits to the salon.

Linda Evans at TIGI echoes this sentiment ‘Your hair needs to be treated with respect. This means handling it gently, especially when wet. Washing hair is a very personal thing, many people tend to wash it more frequently because it needs re-styling, so to wash hair less requires a conversation about products to create a 2nd day look’. Your stylist can help guide you on this.

Over-washing can cause split ends too; if you’re struggling with these, check out our guide below! If you feel like you’re having a bad hair day- we’ve tips for this too! Plus, we show you how you can refresh hair with a second day blow-dry. We hope you enjoy them!

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