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Posted on Sep 5 2018 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

Like everyone else, I have a manic lifestyle. I juggle two jobs, a large group of friends and an equally large family. It makes it difficult to fit it all in. In some ways it makes it very difficult to maintain good relationships with everyone I care about most.

So earlier this year, my partner and I came up with an idea.

What if I could not only catch up with my friends, but also make sure they (and we) have a great time and help maintain strong relationships? Sounds like a win win, right!

Fun Night Fridays was born.

We chose Friday as a way to look forward to something at the end of the week, to do something a little different that wasn’t just takeaway in front of the TV.

We coordinate an event through Facebook and invite our friends to come to ours. Everyone may not be able to attend every event we plan but there’s that’s the beauty of Fun Night Friday, there is always another event and another chance to catch up with each other.

We decided to theme each event to give us all something new to do, some fun to look forward to and a little bit of excitement to each event. To help inspire you and hopefully encourage you to start a new tradition too, we share our Fun Night Friday suggestions:

Quiz Night!

Who doesn’t love a good quiz. As most of our friends are couples, we organised our friends into teams of two and coordinated several rounds; a music round where we played snippets of 10 songs and encouraged our friends to note down song names and artists for a point for each; recent events: picking out events from the last few weeks to form our questions; picture round where we took celeb pictures from the internet to form this round; for sports we asked our friends to write down as many of the 28 Olympic sports they could think of in 3 minutes and a book worms round focusing on titles of books and authors.

In between rounds we’d catch up on each other’s lives and the event was big laugh and a giggle.

For this event we served chips, nuts and homemade potato wedges.

Movie under the stars

Outdoor movie

It’s a themed night we talk about a lot here at AGL and that’s because it’s just so simple and so much fun to do. All you need is a HD projector which you can pick up for less than £50, a speaker, X-box, and a sheet to project onto- just make sure it’s stretched tight.

It’s such a fun event that everyone enjoys. The only difficult decision is what to watch! You could even run a poll through your event page to see what film would be most popular with your suggestions driving it.

For snacks, serve homemade popcorn, marshmallows and hot chocolate. Don’t forget to encourage everyone to bring a blanket to stay warm, chairs if you need more and place outdoor lights or candles strategically around the seating area for more ambience. Halloween is coming up and is a great event for this!

Escape room

Escape rooms are hugely popular at the moment and if getting out and about to experience one is a bit tricky for you, you could always host your own! For Halloween last year we made our own escape room themed event and it went down really well, it’s still talked about today.

Check out our article to recreate it for yourself!

Garden Party

Dinner party

We’ve been so fortunate with good weather this summer and although it’s early September, we’re told the good weather should last until October. Enjoy the Indian summer and throw a little garden party for your friends.

For this event, we didn’t provide much in the way of activity, but it didn’t need it. It was just great to have a gas with everyone with a bit of food and drinks- Pimms is highly recommended!

If you like the idea of a garden party, we’ve lots of suggestions for your event!

Games night

As the colder weather starts to set in, bring your Fun Night Friday indoors with a board games night. Set up several different games around the house and encourage everyone to rotate from time to time so they get a chance to catch up with everyone and have lots of fun in the process. You can’t beat a bit of classic gaming for this, get the Monopoly, Cluedo and Articulate out and some old school games like chess and draughts too!

Computer Games

Following on from the above, why not host a classic computer games night. Dust off the Mario/ Mario Kart series, Sonic, Buzz (a quiz game over computer), Donkey Kong etc. and have a computer game marathon.

We also love Jack Box TV games where you use your smartphone as a controller to answer a series of questions in quiz games or silly drawing games. It’s a great series you can download to your games console or TV that has been really popular with lots of our friends.


Host a cocktails night. Encourage your friends to bring a bottle of something and just go crazy creating lots of different drinks you can all enjoy. Take it in turns to make something different for a person you draw out of a hat or theme the event around a particular spirit or country. You could even go off cocktails you find from a cocktails book or from a lesson you’ve all enjoyed together in the past.

Your bound to have lots of laughs and may even discover your new favourite drink.

Check out our drinks guide for some inspiration.

Vegas Night

Even if you’re not much of a gambler, a Vegas themed event is always good fun. You could simply organise a cards night that focuses on some classic Vegas games like Poker or Black Jack or incorporate some of your favourites and encourage your friends to show you theirs (we mean favourite card games). Or if you have the equipment, or know someone that does, roll in a game of roulette or craps too.

We’ve a ready made Vegas guide to help with this event if it appeals to you.


Whether you love it or hate it karaoke is a fun night! Ply your friends with alcohol first to give them the encouragement to get up there and blast out a Ballard but if they really don’t fancy it, don’t push it otherwise it could sour the night. The beauty is, you’re amongst friends and not performing in front of strangers.

Use a game like Singstar to help you pull off your karaoke night.


Make sure you incorporate a Christmas themed gathering into your social calendar and get the date in the diaries sooner rather than later as everyone gets super busy on the countdown to the biggest holiday of the year.

Don’t worry about planning activities for this one, though there are plenty of Christmas related games you could play. Instead, just provide lots of comforting drinks like warm apple punch, Baileys hot chocolate or mulled wine and some homemade mince pies to toast in the season.

Dinner Party

Dinner party

If there are only a few people attending, how about hosting a dinner party? If you love to cook this is an easy event to organise, then enjoy all your hard work with your closest friends and simply relax for the rest of the evening. You could even make it themed so you have an Italian feast with Italian themed cocktails or Mexican served with Margaritas!

Be inspired by our recipe and drinks guide to help you pull off your dinner party.

We hope you love our suggestions. Our Fun Night Friday is a day we look forward to every month and ensures we maintain our relationships with our closest friends. It’s even a fantastic opportunity to see those you don’t get to see all that often.

Do you have any more suggestions for themes? We’d love to hear from you, share your ideas in the comments below.

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