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With so many skin products out there, knowing your serums from your spot treatments can be a mammoth task. It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed when trying to find beauty products that offer all the nutrients the skin needs to stay healthy, hydrated and radiant.

Unfortunately, we can’t get into all the different products out there – we’d be here forever. What we can do is break down the differences between face oils vs. face creams.

Are oils good for your skin?

Why did we choose to create a facial oil and not another cream or lotion? At Lumity, we live by the philosophy that there’s no such thing as separate skin “types”. Instead, we believe that the secret to healthy, glowing skin is about balancing all the different skin “conditions” by making sure all the skin’s needs are met. Our resident scientist, Dr Sara Palmer Hussey PhD started by researching exactly which nutrients the skin needs; regardless of whether it’s dry, oily or somewhere in between.

A firm believer in natural skin care, she went about looking at the variety of natural oils that provide the skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. With this knowledge and her scientific expertise, Sara began combining these nurturing oils to create the all-encompassing facial oil. *

Because they have a natural affinity with human skin, oils have been used in beauty and wellness routines since time began, and for good reason, too. 100% pure and 100% active, oils are full of essential nutrients, with benefits that cannot be ignored. You’ll no doubt be familiar with the likes of tea tree oil to treat spots or coconut oil for luscious locks, but you might be surprised to hear that it’s actually a combination of natural nutrients that can do your skin the most good.


But what about creams?

Usually a staple in every woman’s routine, a face cream is used to soften and hydrate the skin. Creams have made their place known in the beauty market and it’s easy for us to reach out and choose the first cream we see. However, whilst they might look and smell divine, they’re usually full of synthetic additives and preservatives, as well as often containing pore-blocking ingredients and skin sensitizers that can actually do more harm than good.

What’s more, creams also tend to just act as carriers for the active ingredients. These active ingredients usually happen to be natural oils but carried in a cream, the value in those nutrients can be diluted. So we say, why not cut out the middle man? To put it simply, using a facial oil is just an added way of ensuring the pure, natural nutrients have direct access to your skin.

Unlike face creams and the like, a mixture of natural oils provides your skin with essential nutrients and effective hydrating properties. By supporting the skin, the natural barrier between the rest of your body and the outside world, you’ll retain both the nutrients and the water that your skin needs to glow.

So, to answer the age-old question of face oils vs. creams – for us, it’s a no-brainer!

* Each natural oil and extract contained in Lumity’s Facial Oil has been handpicked for its unique profile and each brings something different to the skin. Whilst there are many oils and botanicals with similar properties, the ones we’ve chosen are those that boast the highest concentration of skin-loving nutrients, offering benefits their peers can’t. Our harmonious blend of botanicals ensures that each ingredient works together to provide everything your skin needs for effortless radiance. Discover our clever complex of complexion boosting ingredients here.

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