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You may have read our previous review of the Escape Hunt escape room ‘The Fourth Samurai’ which we gave a glowing report of. In short, ‘Our Finest Hour’ is even better.

For those that don’t know, room escapes are a creative adventure in a confined space. You have a time limit, numerous puzzles to solve and a variety of clues to help you solve them.

With ‘Our Finest Hour’ you are thrust back to the Second World War where a German missile threat must be decoded within the 60-minute time limit using a number of encryption and coding methods; if unsolved, Britain will suffer catastrophic consequences- no pressure! This room is much more logical and requires more lateral thinking than ‘The Fourth Samurai’; it was brilliant to have a completely unique experience; the two rooms are so very different in not just theme but the challenges you’re faced with.  Both themes are great but with ‘Our Finest Hour’, we found it more relatable as the war theme is more familiar than the far east and adds to the realism and immersive experience.

This room escape will appeal to those who like creative puzzle solving and are intrigued by the concept of cracking codes and identifying patterns. Something to bear in mind, it requires a lot of reading and attention to detail, so recruiting a team with a diverse skill-set is beneficial, especially if you’re looking for our countries highest accolade.

What makes the Escape Hunt puzzles special are the atmosphere created with them. Our games master Eloise was superb and really added to the experience with her creative storytelling and interactive engagement. The question is, are you the agents our country needs to stop the Nazi’s from invading? My team and I were more than successful- with just under 15 minutes remaining- can you beat us?

If Bristol isn’t your local station then check out Escape Hunt’s other locations – currently you can take on the ‘Our Finest Hour’ and ‘ The Fourth Samurai’ challenges in Birmingham and Leeds with other sites due to open soon.

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