These are scary and unprecedented times we’re facing but we should all see this as an opportunity to rest, regroup and recentre. Staying at home as much as possible, will help protect those most vulnerable and ultimately help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. We’re rarely given an opportunity to spend quality time at home, so relish in this chance to hunker down and do some things around the home.

We share our guide for things you can do in self-isolation.

Get organised!

We all have tasks we’ve been meaning to complete. Perhaps it’s reorganising your wardrobe, the kid’s toys, the garage or garden shed. This is your opportunity to finally tick it off the list. If something is broken, why not attempt to fix it instead of discarding it? If it’s clothing, Love Your Clothes have lots of helpful guides and videos to help you learn how to give them a second life. From dealing with stains to fixing holes, you can repair almost any clothing problem.

organising clothes

You could create a pile of things to donate, a pile for things that can be sold and begin organising them on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, though put a note that no item will be posted until we’re in a position to move more freely, or perhaps sell at a car boot when you can get out and about again.

Why not tackle the paperwork whilst you’re at it? We’ve created a guide on what you need to keep and ways in which you can store it!

Get out in the garden

We’re hoping to see some nicer weather over the next few weeks so when the opportunity is there, be sure to get out and about in the garden. Even in self-isolation we’r being encouraged to get outside. There are lots of tasks you can be getting on with as we build up to Spring; the lawn will need mowing for the first time this year (if not done so already), hedges could probably do with a trim too; deadhead any flowers and trim them back ready for Spring growth. You could also make a start on cleaning up the patio and getting the furniture ready for the summer. 

food garden

On those really nice days just take time to sit in the garden, as long as you’re not exposed to anyone else. It’s vital to continue to get some fresh air and exposure to the sun.

Get pampering!

In isolation you can still keep up with your beauty routines. Give yourself a regular manicure, pedicure, facial, or body scrub at home, top up your tan, luxuriate in the bath etc. Take this time for a little self-indulgence. You’re sure to feel brighter and happier for it.

professional facial at home

Also, this is a fantastic opportunity to try out new hairstyles. Watch tutorials of styles you like and get practising. If you’ve a little girl, you can help her to learn new styles too.

We’ve lots of guides for a bit of pampering. From creating your own masks to doing your own professional pedicures, there’s lots of resources in our health and beauty segment.

Get crafty

Most of us say we’d like to try this project or that but generally don’t have the time. Now you’re being given it. Learn to knit (we’ve some free guides you can try), build up those photo albums, create that scrapbook of the best holiday ever. Whatever you’ve been meaning to do, now is the time to do it.

organise photos

You could also see it as an opportunity to get more creative with your cooking.  With shops selling out of food, no online deliveries available and limited resources, you could start to get a bit more experimental with leftovers. Whether its making soups or stews or trying your hand at working to a recipe with only the things you’ve got, you can learn some new skills and build a new sense of confidence from this experience. And as getting fresh bread may become tricky, now is the perfect time to improve your bread making skills.

Get to watching the greatest movies of all time

Undoubtedly we’ll all be watching a little more TV than usual. So why not use this opportunity to watch some of the greatest movies ever created? Check out the complete list of Oscar winning movies and add these to a must watch list. There are bound to be loads of movies on there you’ve been meaning to watch but not had a chance to get around to watching.


Perhaps academy award winning films aren’t your thing?

You could set yourself a challenge of watching as many musicals as possible. The list of musical movies is extensive, so if it seems too daunting, you can’t go wrong with Marie Claire’s 40 best musicals.  Or you may decide to binge watch horror movies or maybe you’re looking to discover a new series on Netflix? Some providers are even making more films and channels freely available to help us through this unusual time so keep an eye out for shows you don’t usually get. There’s always plenty to watch but by giving yourself a theme to stick to, you’ll actually feel like you’re achieving something with this down time.

We hope these have been some helpful suggestions, if you’re looking for more inspiration on what you can do around the home, we’ve shared some other articles for you to explore below.

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