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After a long winter of bare trees and diminished foliage it’s nice to see some blossom making its way in and the trees are starting to leaf.

As it’s officially Spring, we can now prepare our garden for a long summer of lounging, BBQing, sunbathing (well basking!) and socialising. We provide our top 3 tips to help get your garden ready for the season.

Time to mow the lawn


If you’re yet to get out there, the first thing you should do is mow the lawn. Note though, you need to strike a fine balance for the first mow of the year.

It is probably best to wait until mid-late March for the first mow as we still tend to have a few cold snaps late February/early March and it’ll need that little extra length to protect the roots. Once it starts to warm up though, get out there and give it a good trim. Don’t cut it too short though, otherwise it could cause it stress and lead to patches.

Time to start sowing


If you’re looking to plant new blooms this year, now is the time to do it but don’t leave it a moment longer!

To give them the best start, they need to be planted before the windy and drier months. If it’s particularly warm when you start, use a little mulch to give it a better start.

If you’ve been storing your plants for the winter, now is the time to put them back outside.

Don’t forget to feed your plants and flowers with an all-purpose feeder too.

Time to tidy

Don’t forget that your plants need to be dead-headed regularly and that includes your trees and shrubs. This is because you need to ensure that the plants energy isn’t wasted on the dead aspect of the plant. Additionally, it’ll allow for healthier and faster re-growth.

For plants that have been out in the garden throughout the winter, make sure they have plenty of soil to continue to grow healthily for the next few months. Ensure they have sufficient drainage and aren’t struggling to get access to water or nutrients.

Make sure you schedule time daily/weekly to get outside and water, feed and dead-head your shrubs, flowers and trees. I find I fall out of a routine on this aspect so set myself phone reminders to make sure it gets done.

We hope our tips have proved helpful. In our next gardening feature, we’ll be showing you how to prepare your garden furniture for another year. If you’ve any gardening tips, we’d love to hear from you- do leave us a comment or feedback and we’ve lots of other gardening features in the meantime, just waiting for you to explore.

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