By guest writer, Holly Barry

There is no denying that the kitchen is the new social hub of the house. Optimizing your kitchen space can make the room feel more accessible, fit for function and fun. But, it can also provide a sense of luxury with the promise of using a mix of quality materials which are not often infused throughout the rest of the house.

With some creative thinking, your kitchen can quickly become the most stylish and welcoming room in the entire house. So, to help you achieve your goal, here are my 5 style tips in helping produce a comfortable and pleasing space which centres around the traditional heart of the house.

Kitchen appliances

Designing your interior space is a completely subjective activity which boils down to the individuals taste and must-haves within that room. The same goes for the appliances one chooses for their kitchen. It is best to establish first the functionality of the product you wish to buy. Will your new product be for show purposes or will it actually be used for everyday purposes? Do you wish to install it because it is known to be reliable or because you want it to look trendy? Whichever your desire, make sure to do some background checks before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

Kitchen appliances

Additionally, on the functionality topic, it may be worth considering products that can serve two purposes. Double- bowl sinks, steam ovens and hot and cold water dispensers are just a few to point out when exploring new ways to save on space where possible.

Finishing touches

Whether you prefer technological looking finishes such as ceramic and stainless steel, or more of a traditional feel such as tobacco wood and hand painted details, materials can quickly recreate the look of your kitchen.

Kitchen lighting

To incorporate a more modern approach, explore textures in rugged concrete or high gloss in colours such as black and grey to really leave a modish impact. However, a more romantic setting would include tactile woods, quartz worktops and flat panel cabinets to hint a more classic feel. You can add a spot of colour by using contrasting colours for the unit and worktops to create a striking effect.

Lighting up your kitchen

Playing with variations of light in a room is one of the most appealing aspects of re- design. Kitchens filled with light naturally feel much more spacious, so choose good lighting and make the most of windows, with light and airy curtains or blinds.

Open Plan Kitchens

Even with dark cabinets, the invitation of lots of natural light makes this kitchen look so spacious.

Dimly lit rooms, with areas of shadow and dark corners, will always seem cramped and depressing, so choose lighting options carefully. Table lamps and floor lamps can be useful, but if there isn’t enough room for these, consider ceiling spotlights or track lighting instead. To embrace a slightly more daring approach, opt for Solatube lighting or under cabinet lighting to introduce a practical way to meal prepping and cleaning up with ample amount of light.


One of the most important features to consider when making style changes to your kitchen is to remember practicality and the importance of storage space. Whether you are trying to find new ways of creating storage for your kitchen tools or whether you are having a new fitting, make sure to measure up accurately.

Smart shelving is useful for placing your belongings away neatly but great for visually being able to spot what you have quickly instead of rummaging through packed drawers.

Kitchen design

Another way to introduce storage into your kitchen space it to make use of every inch of space you have, even the corners! Corner storage ensures to not waste any given space in the kitchen so by building in a Lazy Susan within a two tiered carousel, you’ll soon be given easy access to those spaces you couldn’t quite reach before.

The finer details

This is the most lavish part of your styling mission because you are finally able to inject in those finishing touches. They can be as elaborate as you wish for them to be from live-in Barista’s to rich pieces of artwork, to more low cost options such as weekly fresh flowers and toastie makers!

By adding these subjective pieces into your kitchen, you will find that you start to naturally gravitate towards the kitchen and spend more social time there. Forget the lounge and the bedroom, the kitchen is where everyone is bought together, so make your re-modelling motive worthwhile.

Kitchen as the social hub

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