These are the 17 kitchen gadgets for 2019

Posted on Jan 23 2019 - 9:00am by Claire Herbaux

Most of us will have made our New Year’s resolutions by now and most likely, they will be somehow related to food.

Whether you are trying to get your five-a-day (do you know experts say it should actually be 10 a day?), or want to just eat more healthily, start making smoothies regularly or ditch some fast food and ready meals for slow cooked food, you will spend more time cooking yourself and you will need some help.

Luckily, there are some great kitchen gadgets out there which will make your endeavour easier. So from the larger all-in-one kitchen makers and high end options to the small everyday helpers you can get on a budget, here are the gadgets to consider if you really want to be serious about changing the way you eat.

  • If you are really going to start cooking properly and even make your own dough, it is time to get a Kitchenaid mixer. You know you want to!
  • The best way to get more fruit and veg in your diet are juices. You can get high end juicers, but there are budget options such as the Breville juicer and smoothie maker for under £30.
  • If you are going to say goodbye to all processed food, you will need this cool butter churner to make your own butter at home.
  • There is nothing better than having fresh herbs on your food and the extra flavour helps you cut down on salt. With these Marks and Spencer herb scissors with multiple blades, you can quickly chop a little extra parsley on your meal.
  • Keep your fruit and veggies fresh. Once you have started using them, get reusable Bee’s Wrap to wrap up the rest until you need it again. It is easy to use and very eco friendly.
  • If you are going to be cooking more, you will want to take it to work. So make sure you invest in a couple of good lunch boxes (or boxes to neatly store your leftovers). Look for boxes with different compartments to keep it all tidy.
  • If your fridge is going to be full of yummy food, you will need to make more room with this genius Bottle Loft. It will perfectly hold your bottles of homemade, low-sugar lemonade, too!
  • Nothing better for healthy food than slowcooking! Cook from scratch with minimal effort and come home to a hot meal. Choose the right size Crockpot for you here.
  • For most of your cooking endeavours, you will need a food processor. There is a digital one from Tefal which should help you conquer all your new recipes.
  • Green Grass drying racks are often used for baby bottles, but did you know it works great for just about everything? It is clean and tidy and will save you time drying all your utensils.
  • Always keep hydrated is the golden rule of being healthy. This Discreed Bottle Holder will be ideal to keep a bottle close by at all time without taking up space in your kitchen.
  • Avocados are great! They are healthy and yummy, and they also go brown very quickly. So in order to keep them fresh, get yourself a Avocado Keeper to store your avocado before you need the second half. You can also get a Tomato Saver!
  • Quit the store-bought lemon bottles and get a Citrus Spritzer instead to turn your own fresh citrus fruits into a spray.
  • After blending your fresh veg, you will have some wonderful soup. Get a Microwave Soup Mug to heat it up quickly and easily and even take it with you!
  • If you head online, you will find a Quiet Power Crusher to make icy drinks for your breakfasts of after a work out, but also allows you to make purees and soups if you have different hours from others in your household. No more excuses!
  • Fresh fruit and veg is always best, but it’s not always easy to peel and cut. But eating your favourite healthy food could be easier if you invest in a gadget. You can get a Pineapple Slicer or Melon Slicer or even corn stripping tool.
  • If you are really going to ditch the processed food and you like your peanut butter, then this Peanut Butter Maker is for you!

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