Ever wondered why some things look better on you than others? Well, much like shape and style, colour plays a major factor in what looks good on you.

Like hair dye, whether a colour will suit you depends on your complexion, hair and eye colour. You may gravitate to clothing in your favourite colours but the wrong shades or tones can make you look pale and poorly. To help, we’ve put together a brief but handy guide to help determine which colours will suit you best.

Woman in orange

Skin tone and the colours that’ll suit you

Dark: red, orange, dark pink, coral, yellow and gold.

Medium/olive: brown, peach, medium/light pink, tan, olive green and khaki.

Fair/pale: green, light/baby blue, turquoise, lilac, light/baby pinks and grays. Most pastels will be complimentary too.

Eye colour can also impact what colours will suit you

Brown: royal blue, khaki green, powder pinks and gold tones.

Hazel: dark neutrals, orange, lavender, deep red and jewel colours.

Green: forest and jewel greens, coral pink and oranges and pale yellows.

Blue: neutrals, pink, deep blues and light greens.

Hair colour

Dark brown/black: Red, dark pink, coral and yellow.

Medium brown: brown, peach, medium/light pink and tan.

Blonde/grey/red: green, light blue, turquoise and lilac.

Red hair

As a general rule of thumb, think of colours that could be categorized into warm and cold.

Warm colours

Warm colours are colours that have red undertones. This colour range tends to suit darker skin tones and hair colours to medium/olive skin tones.

Cool/cold colours

Whereas cool colours have blue undertones and suits fairer skin tones and lighter hair colours. Stick within these boundaries and it’ll suit you every time.

If you’re looking to mix and match with colours in the warm/cool spectrum, just ensure that the undertones compliment your skin tone/hair colour. E.g. if you have red hair and want to wear a red top, ensure that the red item of clothing has a blue undertone.

If you’re not happy with the colour spectrums that suit you most, or you in fact have seemingly contrasting colours e.g. blonde hair, brown eyes, you can always use hair dye and makeup to alter the colours that will compliment you.

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