Trends come and go. Depending on how much free time you have each year, your home decor may be in need for anything from an annual lick of paint to a complete overhaul. Ideally, we would all love to keep up with the Joneses, but the Joneses have unlimited cash and don’t seem to work for a living. We each must do what we can when we can.

Your home is your castle and as such, it should be fit for kings and queens. If your interiors are starting to look a little more like an adult’s version of a treehouse than the 5-star mansion you had in mind, you need some quick-fix home style ideas.

Canvas prints

Got a feature wall? Excellent. But if your feature wall is there only in name and not exactly in nature, you need a canvas print (see A featureless feature wall is easily done. It’s a mistake we can all slip into. Where once we planned to build a family focal point with mirrors and portraits and assorted arty pieces, there is now just a wall decorated with slightly more expensive wallpaper than the other three walls. A swing and a miss if you will.

Tip: play around with your pictures until you get a layout you’re happy with.

A canvas print offers the perfect solution to a feature wall in need of an instant makeover. Don’t be afraid of large prints. They draw the eye and add interest to the room. The only real question is what to print? The best answer anyone can give you is to choose something from your photo library with some significance. You will probably find that the photos of your cat sleeping in a funny position don’t qualify. Whereas a mid-air shot of you and your friends all jumping into the pool might just do the trick.  

Shelving units

Used correctly, shelving units can tick multiple style boxes while offering a practical solution to your clutter. Stacking your stuff in plain view may not seem like something you’d want to do if you feel like your possessions aren’t “shelf” worthy. But once you start shelving your belongings, you won’t be able to stop (boxy looking stacked shelving is particularly excellent at doubling up as both shelving and storage).

From obvious items like books, candles, and photo frames to just about anything else that will fit or overhang without falling off, shelving is a style idea that never goes out of fashion. 

Fireplace feature

In most cases, fireplaces appear midway along an otherwise listless wall and sit there looking lonely and unloved. People think that a fireplace is just a fireplace and, well, ‘job done’. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

This fireplace would look really odd without these simple accessories and touches.

Your fireplace is an opportunity to get creative. Think protective grills, decorative wood logs, and fire poker stands. Think vases, candles, and even tall plants and grasses framing both sides of the feature. If you’re not careful, a fireplace can look cold and solitary, sort of like a marble gravestone in the middle of the room in which most life happens in the home.

Canvases, shelving units, and fireplace features can all help you to add something extra to your living space. 

This article was created in collaboration with HelloCanvas

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