Gallery walls are a simple way to add style and personality to any space in your home. It can seem like quite a daunting project but with our tips below we’ll make it an easy one.

Contrasting colours

Your gallery wall will be a focal point of a room. You could make this stand out more by working with contrasting colours. For example, on dark feature walls use light coloured frames (like silver and white). On light walls, use darker frames (like black and brown) to create something really striking.

Don’t just use frames on your gallery wall

You’re not limited to just hanging pictures or posters in frames with a gallery wall. Try using letters, mirrors, canvas pictures, postcards, fabrics, tiles and other ornaments like wall hanging pottery and metal shapes to add interesting pieces and attraction to your gallery wall.

Gallery photo

Create a theme

You may find it helpful and inspirational to work with a theme when designing your gallery wall. It could be a black and white theme, a focus around your holiday, an adventure, wedding or a floral theme for example.

Various sized pieces

This isn’t a one size fits all project. For it to be truly appeasing to the eye we recommend you work with items that are varying in size and shape: large, small, medium, miniature, square, rectangle, round, triangular etc.

Play around with your gallery wall layout before hanging it up

Before fixing it to the wall, play around with the layout on the floor or table first.

Gallery wall in progress

My gallery wall in progress.

Finished gallery wall

All images of our beach holidays centered around a canvas picture of a beach town.

First, identify the wall you want to work with and the space available. Then take a measure of the space and map this out on the floor or table in string or masking tape. Within this space, play around with the items you have for your gallery wall. Take snaps of your layout so you can decide which you like best.

Some tips to organising your layout: You could start with the largest piece in the centre and work around it, or if you don’t have anything particularly large, use a couple of pieces which will equate to the same height as the focal point to work around instead.

Top tip: if you want extra reassurance before committing with nails, tack parchment to the wall in the layout you prefer and go from there. Going back to the floor to adjust your layout if you’re not happy.

A gallery wall should be a reflection on you, your tastes and your home. There are no set rules. Pick up items that appeal to you and in the playing around stage, arrange it in a way that appeals to you. There is plenty of inspiration for gallery wall design on Pinterest if you’re a bit stuck for ideas.

We’d love to see your gallery walls! You can tag us at @anythinggoesl on Instagram and Twitter.

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