Facial massage has long been a technique used in facial treatments; with proven benefits to help detox the skin, increase blood flow, and aid muscle relaxation among others, all to promote a more vibrant, toned and youthful complexion. There are countless products that can help you to achieve these results, including: cleansing brushes, crystals, rollers, globes, and specific toning devises. However, we should still be practicing caution when trying any new product or routine as the skin can be incredibly sensitive to a change in routine. We chat to Jurgita Karciauskiene – Doctor of medical science, dermatovenerologist working in Nordclinic, Kaunas, Lithuania, to find out the dos and don’ts in facial massage.

What is the most effective way to massage the face without causing damage or prematurely increasing facial aging?

There are many facial massage techniques. For example, the essence of a myomodulation massage is to activate the muscles that raise the face and relax those that pull the face down. It is not always enough for the average person to know how to do it correctly. Because if we activate the muscles that pull the face down, we will only worsen the situation. Many massage techniques stimulate the blood circulation of the skin, improve lymphatic flow and are safer, and help with swelling of the face. We should also not forget facial yoga-special exercises that we do not do with our hands or machines but with the face, moving the muscles.

What and how are people doing facial massage incorrectly?

Facial exercises and massages must be done correctly and regularly to produce results, it is the simplest and cheapest way to delay aging and have a healthy face. However, massage should be avoided for at least 2-4 weeks after facial injections and surgeries, as it can move the filters and disrupt the filaments.

Although facial massage is an important step in a skin care regime, what other steps could our readers take to look after their skin?

First, you should remember to wear sunscreen all year round and moisturize your skin. Products with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and food supplements enriched with zinc, selenium, and collagen are excellent. And if you notice any annoying frown lines or blemishes, I recommend consulting a suitably trained medical professional for correction options. Because one of the biggest mistakes nowadays, when the beauty industry offers a huge range of products, is to decide for yourself what you need and not to think about what will be done and how. Because aesthetic dermatology today can dramatically improve aging and enhance facial and even bodily features, it can also do harm. These are medical interventions on the body, and they and the specialist who will perform them must be chosen very carefully.

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