When applying your face cream or serum its best to do it with a facial massage. This ensures that we’re getting the best from our products, and ultimately our money. Not only does it ensure the best use of the products but a facial massage helps to relax the muscles and relieve tension, helps to firm and tone your skin, and aids in detoxifying and will instantly boost radiance.

It’s so simple to do and the techniques suggested below are the ones used by professionals. We’d recommend doing this at least once a day to get the best results. Bedtime, is usually the best time and is a nice and relaxing routine. Give this a go for a week and we’re sure you’ll notice the difference.

Neck and jawline massage

  • Form bunny ears with your index and middle finger on both hands; bend in the middle to form small vs; using your vs, place them between your jaw, at the front of your chin. With some pressure,run your vs in a straight line towards your ears. Repeat 4-6 times.  This technique helps with contouring and definition, helping you to ward off the double chin.
  • For your neck, work your product in an upwards sweeping motion, careful not to drag the skin, crossing your hands over one another whilst you get to work.

Cheeks & cheekbones massage

  • Using your forefinger/index finger, with slight pressure, tap along your cheekbones from nose to ear to drain away toxins and excess fluid.
  • To get definition of the cheekbones run the pads of your thumbs, with some pressure, under your cheekbones from nose to ear.

professional facial at home

Your eyes

The eye area can also benefit from a little massage. If you’ve had a facial before, you may notice they don’t spend extensive time around your eyes, if at all, but its extremely beneficial. Your eyes can get really congested, it can hold a lot of sinus pressure and can cause puffiness and bags. So spending a little time here can help to alleviate this pressure and reduce the noticeable side effects.

Depending on what you’re dealing with the following products are advisable for your eye massage:

  • Anti-aging if you’re struggling with fine lines and crows feet
  • Caffeine if you’re struggling with dark circles
  • Cucumber if you find you’re eyes are quite puffy- they’re anti-inflammatory and can help calm the skin
  • Dry eyes/dehydrated skin in the eye area is quite common and can be a cause of a combination of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Hydroluronic acid is a thirst quenching ingredient and will improve appearance immediately.

Whilst using your preferred product and ring finger, give the following a try:

  • Pat along the area under your eye to help with blood flow and detoxing.
  • In a circular motion around the outer corner of your eye, rub the product in to tackle fine lines.
  • At the very outer point of the inner corner of the eye, apply a little pressure and move your finger up to your eyebrow lines and out towards your temples to drain your lymph nodes and alleviate tension.

The below video is great at showing you how to drain the lymph nodes in and around your eyes.

Forehead massage

  • Place your pinkies together between your eyebrows, with all other fingers separated (approx 1.5cm) across the browline, thumbs resting on cheekbones, moving your fingers in slow circular motions together to alleviate tension.
  • Using your ring finger again, in a sweeping motion from the top corner of your eye, upwards over the frown lines. This helps to stimulate blood flow, hydrate the skin in this area and iron out any fine lines.

You can’t go too far wrong. The key is gentle pressure, avoid working too hard or much on your temples and work outwards or upwards, never downwards.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our facial massage guide! Looking for more tips and tricks when it comes to your facial, we’ve shared some of our other articles you may enjoy below.

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