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Here is one of the biggest mysteries of our world: If you have something that has one specific and sole use, it’s only reason for existing, why wouldn’t everyone learn or know how to use it?

Do you know what I am talking about?

We discuss erogenous zones and pleasure, when really, we have an entire organ which only has one purpose: pleasure. There is no other biological need or function of the clitoris, which is astounding because there is no equivalent for men. And yet, even though it is so key and is made specifically for this purpose, too many people (male and female) don’t know how to get the most out of it (if you forgive the expression). 

We often joke about the fact that men don’t know their way around the female body, and it’s true and they should know more (about pleasure and basic biology and generally). But it’s also a fact that we all have different tastes and before anyone else gets to know us we should get to know ourselves. How could we possibly expect someone else to know us better than we do?

To get the most out of this experiment – or quest into the female pleasure, as that sounds much more exciting – we’ve tried a couple of toys from LELO. Unlike other toys that might feel rubbery or unnatural, these fit like a glove and make the experience more natural. While exploring without toys is interesting, and definitely necessary at first, adding toys will give you an element of surprise that masturbation otherwise lacks. When you can’t predict every move, you become interested and alert, which puts you in a completely new frame of mind. 

Clitoral stimulation really is the key to the female orgasm, but everyone is different and unique, so we will leave you with our guide to the toys we think are interesting and tips on how to choose what works for you:

The Sona 2 Cruise

Since clitoral stimulation is so important, we’ve decided to try a new approach to stimulators. While most vibrators vibrate (obviously) or have rabbit ears to stimulate, LELO toys have a different approach and technology altogether which we found intriguing. 

While some stimulators vibrate in the traditional way, we wanted to try the Sona 2 Cruise, which has the “mouth” that’s almost iconic for the LELO toys. From the mouth, the sonic waves pulsate into and around the clitoris. 

Intrigued? Yes, so were we. But it really works. And there are a few things that are fascinating about it: First of all, the mouth shapes perfectly around your clitoris and creates what feels like a vacuum (no actual suction or danger of a vacuum, don’t worry) that makes the pulsation more intense. While understanding how to make them stronger or lighter is tricky (don’t just press + or – but actually hold them down for a while), you can easily change settings.

The reason this one is so interesting is because it will show you, teach you, make you realise you can orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone. And if this isn’t the case for you yet, then start exploring. 

Enigma Wave

The newest version of the famous Enigma stimulator is the Enigma Wave, and it combines the clitoral stimulation through the waves and pulsations of the mouth, just like the Sona, but also has an internal stimulator you can insert for G-spot stimulation.

What’s surprising here is how well it is designed to fit perfectly for both G-spot and clitoris. It’s a very natural feel and easy to hold. It’s sculpted to fit perfectly. 

How to choose your toy

Ideally, browse the website yourself and have a look through the items, looking through the descriptions as well. Trust us, just looking at the instructions and the art that comes with them will make you light-headed sometimes. Then have a chat with the LELO customer service online as they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. And yes, you can tell them exactly what you like and are looking for, no judgement here. 

Generally, you can choose between clitoral stimulators and dual massagers (which include the clitoral stimulation). And there is one, the Ora 3, that recreates oral stimulation. You can also look at the extra features: some have travel features, others are quieter. The Sona range are the strongest devices. Sila has the same technology, but the mouth is wider, but the pulses are gentler. The more conventional devices such as Lily or Nea don’t have a mouth and are small with moderate strength.

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