The colour of the year, as determined by Pantone, influences the clothing you’ll find in the stores and online, and the housewares, paint and trends to incorporate into your home life too. The colour selected is often a reflection of current events, culture and our lifestyles, and with it comes an opportunity for self-expression.

Viva Magenta!

This year’s colour, Viva Magenta, is especially bold; it is a pinkish-red that symbolises strength, vigour, and joy, with a touch of rebellion. The colour was influenced by our appreciation and draw to the natural world as we continue to battle our online and offline lives; as we all become more and ever conscious of our impact on the planet, our desire to draw the outside in and spend more of our time outdoors and traveling more as we move into a post pandemic world.

The colour itself originates from the cochineal beetle which produces one of the strongest natural dyes in the world. It is a literal connection to nature.

How to wear viva magenta

You can wear this colour as a bold statement, or accent it with other tones and colours, depending on your mood and occasion. Here’s how.

A statement piece

If you want the outfit to be the main attraction, a dress in this shade, worn with silver or black accessories, where the accessories aim to compliment (so avoid bold or chunky pieces), not outshine, is the way to go. It’s the perfect colour for a summer wedding too, garden party, or a night out for cocktails. 

Two ways to wear as an accent piece

If you want to wear it boldly and proudly, but want something a little more versatile – the dresses we’ve seen in this shade are mostly fancy, occasion wear – a maxi skirt would be a sensational piece for this summer. Pair with pastels, greys or light blues for a complimentary ensemble or a black top to really make it stand out. The skirt option is also a great way to experiment with the monochromatic trend – as recommended by Pantone, and pair with differing shades or pinks or red for a vibrant and fresh look.

A top in this shade, paired with jeans, or black skirt, will still look incredibly pulled together but with a touch more comfort, and the flexibility to dress it up or down. 

Accessorise it

There are 3 ways you can use accessories to incorporate this bold and vivacious colour into your wardrobe:

  1. As the statement piece: find bold accessories that incorporate this colour, be it a necklace, a chunky bangle or standout earrings, and pair with muted or paled colours so they standout.
  2. For balance: if you’re opting for the separates, a skirt/trouser and top combo, use the accessories as a continuation of the colour on the opposite scale. For instance, if you wear a viva magenta top, pair with viva magenta shoes. If you wear a viva magenta skirt with a black top, pair with a statement necklace or earrings.
  3. Full investment: If you’re wearing viva magenta to a special occasion and want something to compliment your dress, look for a headband, hat, earrings or shoes that matches perfectly.  

How will you be incorporating the viva magenta trend?

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