Many of us want to transform our hair in some respects. Whether you’re looking for fuller hair, longer hair, hold a curl and/or even a colour change, hair extensions can help you achieve that. If you’ve never hair extensions before and wouldn’t know where to start, then this is an article for you.

We talk to the experts at Cinderella Hair who share with us the ultimate beginners guide to extensions. Even if you’re an extensions pro, we’re sure there is some helpful insights when it comes to aftercare for you too!

Can hair extensions enhance other areas of my natural hair & not just provide length?

Hair extensions are commonly associated with being worn to enhance the length of your natural hair, but they have many more beneficial features than just creating length. 

If you are looking to add volume to your natural hair and create a thicker & fuller appearance, they are an excellent solution to achieving this look. Our hair extension range is root point correct, which means that each individual strand is the same length, allowing your hair to be the same density from the root to the bottom. 

Hair extensions Cinderella Hair
Hair extensions can give you longer, fuller hair in a colour you most desire

Hair extensions are also a fantastic answer to achieving the latest colour trends without causing damage to your natural hair that can occur when using chemical based colouring products. You can embrace all of the latest colour trends, including bold pastel & fantasy shades. At Cinderella Hair, we have a perfectly hand painted BA-Balayage Hair Extension range and our MC-Minimal Colour Hair Extension Collection so you can achieve your desired look.   I

Hair extension colours

Balayage hair extensions are possible!

How long does application take and what are the types available?

When having hair extensions applied, the amount of time taken for the application to be completed does have a number of different factors to consider, so it’s difficult to provide an exact time frame. Let’s look at this in conjunction with the different bonds available, we look at our Protein Moulded Bonds (PMB), Stick Tip I-Tip Hair and Henley Pop-In Extension ranges:

Pre-Bonded, Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions only use the finest Protein Moulded Bonds (PMB) which are formed from Keratin, this ensures that there is no damage to your own natural hair, while nourishing and stimulating natural hair growth. This application will take between 2-4 hours* to apply.

Application-I Collection: Stick Tip I-Tip Hair Extension. These are applied using a micro ring. At Cinderella Hair our Application-I micro ring extensions are re-useable and will take between 1-3 hours* to apply. 

The Henley Pop-In Extension is a rather unique application method and is extremely popular among session/event styling experts. Cinderella Hair’s Henley Pop-In Extension design is boldly intuitive due to the main feature: a rubber-like material at the top that folds in half, acting like a curtain to hide the micro rings or keratin bonds from view. This also prevents the rings or keratin bonds from rubbing, while ensuring protection of the scalp, while also being re-useable.  This application method will take between 0.5-1.5* hours to apply. I

Henley Pop-In Extensions are innovative!

*This time frame depends on the amount of hair extension strands that are being applied. 

100% Remy Human vs other variations

The quality of your hair extensions and the way in which they are produced is ultimately the most important factor of wearing hair extensions. If you are wanting to treat and style your hair extensions as you would your natural hair, then 100% Remy human hair extensions are a must. When using other variations of hair extensions, for example fibre/synthetic hair extensions, you will not be able to style and treat these the same as you would your natural hair, because they cannot withstand heat styling tools while the movement and texture of your hair extensions will be jeopardised. 

There are 2 very important factors to consider when having 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions applied, which we have provided information on below. 

Remy Cuticle Correct:

The word “Remy” means that the cuticle is intact and is pointing the correct way, which avoids your hair extensions from tangling an matting, while preventing the hair from becoming rough. Cinderella Hair Extensions are 100% Remy, Human Hair, sourced with integrity to honour our fantastic range of Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions, I-Tip/Stick Tip Hair Extensions & Henley Pop-In Hair Extensions.

Root Point Correct:

When hair extensions are root point correct, this means that all short hair has been removed and this process allows for all the hair on each bond to be the same length, from root (bond) to tip. Ensuring your hair extensions are root point correct, is much more important than the weight of a hair extension strand. For example, the weight of the hair extension strand could be 1.5grams per strand, but the strand is filled with shorter hair, so the ends of your hair extensions will in-turn, look very straggly and unnatural. 

Professional Aftercare Advice

To get the best results and longevity from your hair extensions, follow our essential aftercare advice:

Initial Check-up: Be sure to visit the salon in the first week following application for a maintenance appointment, so your stylist can check the bonds.

Daily routine maintenance: It’s a good idea to separate the extensions by running your fingers through them every day, to make sure they move freely and that the hair falls naturally. 

Choosing the right products:

At Cinderella Hair we have formulated a Caviar & Red Algae Extract shampoo and Keratin & Anti-Static Condition to cleanse, nourish and hydrate the natural hair and extensions. Other products can damage the bonds and affect the quality of the hair – especially products that contain sulphate and parabens. We also recommend you use shampoo and conditioners that do not contain oils, as oils can cause the bonds or micro rings to slip.  

Hair extensions aftercare

Washing: To shampoo – wet the hair ideally in the shower, tipping your head back. Apply the Hair Caviar and Red Algae Extract Shampoo and squeeze through from the roots to the ends. Only use gentle strokes, avoiding any scrubbing motions, as these can make the hair tangle. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. 

To condition the hair – apply the Anti-Static Agent and Keratin Conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends. Rinse thoroughly. Don’t rush! You may be surprised by the extra weight of your extended hair. 

 Drying your extensions:

It is extremely important to ensure that you completely dry the hair and the bonds. Cinderella Hair recommend you gently dab your hair using a towel. This will reduce the amount of excess water. While your hair is still wet, we suggest you gently brush through your hair using a natural bristle brush, which will eliminate any tangles. 

We hope this has extended your knowledge of hair extensions but if you’ve any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below or get in touch with the Cinderella Hair team directly.

We want to thank the Cinderella Hair team for contributing to this insightful piece, having not had them before, its something we definitely needed expert advice on. We have not received any payment to create this piece. However, they are working with us on a competition too! You can win the complete aftercare collection over on our competitions page!

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