Written in collaboration with Emily Jones.

Getting gifts for a man is no easy task, but with the right item success is guaranteed for a gift he will love!

Here are 7 luxury items that would all make for a wonderful gift for your partner:

1. A statement watch

A statement watch is a special piece for every guy to have in his collection. It’s something he can wear every day and it will last him for years to come. When selecting a watch for him, keep in mind his current wardrobe and lifestyle so you can choose accordingly! If you can, go for a gorgeous statement watch like a Roger Dubuis for example, a classic that he will love.

2. A bougie espresso maker

If your guy is a coffee lover, a bougie espresso maker makes for the perfect gift. Even if he loves his current way of making coffee, the addition of the espresso maker could really level up his morning coffees! Add a couple different types of espresso to the gift so he can have fun choosing what his favorite espresso blend is.

3. Apple Watch

An Apple watch is a gift that your guy will get a ton of use out of. Whether to stay on top of work, life, and health/exercise, it easily becomes a critical addition to normal activities. You can also find silicone and practical bands for exercise and high impact activities, as well as handsome bands that he can use in daily life when he wants to elevate his outfits.

4. Peloton Bike

Peloton bikes have become increasingly popular over the last year as we are all spending more time at home, and if your guy wants to mix up his workouts and be able to have fun and exercise at home, this makes for the perfect gift.

5. A designer hoodie

A designer hoodie is a step up from the standard hood and just looks and feels next level, making it a great gift for your guy!

6. Go Pro Max

A Go Pro Max is a fun gift that your guy will get a lot of use out of, especially if he is already in the habit of capturing content and going on adventures! It’s a great way for him to document memories and always have something to look back on.

7. A skincare set

A skincare set is a gift that many men will not buy for themselves or would think to buy for themselves, but it is an appreciated one! Along with the skincare set, go over how to use products with them or make sure the set comes with proper instructions so he can follow along. It always feels wonderful to have great skin, and a skincare set is a way he can have some self-care time and get a boost of confidence with great skin.

Do you have any other gift ideas to add?

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