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Paris may be the City of Love, but that doesn’t mean there is no love to be found anywhere else.
Take London for example. Who says you have to be in front of the Eiffel Tower? You could meet the man of your dreams at Primrose Hill.

Thea Luckmore is waiting for her one true love. She is also busy with her day-to day life as a massage therapist. Her friend Alice Heggarty is, at first, the centre of this story. Love is in the far back corner of Alice’s mind. At 30, she wants men for fun and nothing more.

Headfuck Boy did not cause Thea any lasting damage, nor did he in any way alter her belief in the virtue  and value of falling head over heels in love. Thea Luckmore was not one to compromise.

And then, Alice suddenly proposes to Mark, and she is happy. She is now a married magazine publisher with a loving husband. And Thea has fallen head of heals for Saul. All is good. Or is it?

Lush is directed at the early-twenties market, Thea. I’m basically thirty and still slave to all these insecurities and issues.

Can someone who never took a relationship seriously suddenly settle down? Does true love exist the way Thea wants it? Sadly, no. The honeymoon phase is soon over and Alice gets bored. She is not the married type and tries to find fun and happiness elsewhere and breaks the rules of love.

I wanted my cake but now I’ll just have to choke on it. I’ll just have to suffer feeling wretched all on my own and accept it as my comeuppance.

Saul is breaking quite a few rules himself. Thea’s “true love” is not as lovely as he seemed on the day they met on Primrose Hill. He works as a freelancer for Alice’s magazine and during an editorial meeting between the two, Alice guesses what Saul is up to. She has to tell Thea. Is he cheating? Or worse?

Thea who believed in old-fashioned love and happy ever after, has to do a re-think.

Love Rules will dismember every idea you may have about love and relationships and make you reassess what you thought to be true. Written from different point of views, it is hard to hold on to your opinion when you are dragged into someone else’s life which seems so compelling, you suddenly wonder if maybe they are right to break some rules? Surely it can’t be right to be trapped in an unhappy situation? No matter if you are a Thea or an Alice, you WILL re-evaluate, that is just what Freya North does to us.

How can you look forward in the same direction if you don’t see eye to eye?

Love Rules, by Freya North

First published 2005

ISBN 0007180365

ISBN 13 978-0007180363

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