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Written in collaboration with Mamas & Papas.

One of the biggest purchases you make before your little one arrives is the pushchair. If you’re a first-time mama, choosing one can be a tricky task. Which pushchair should you get? What features does it need? There’s so much choice and lots to consider. To celebrate the launch of the new Strada pushchair from Mamas & Papas, we teamed up to put together a complete pushchair buying guide, to highlight the 5 features you need to consider when buying your pushchair.

What size pushchair do you need? Do you need a pram, pushchair or stroller?

You’re going to need a pushchair that’ll take your little one from birth through to at least toddler age. With lots of different terminologies out there, it can be difficult to know what you need. We’ve broken it down for you below:

Strada pushchair from Mamas & Papas
Pram, pushchair, buggy, stroller, there are a lot of different terminologies
  • Pram/buggy: This is suitable for babies from birth as this allows them to lie down.
  • Pushchair: Can be used from about 6 months old, when your baby is able to sit up. This allows them to sit up in the pushchair and face out at the world, or towards you for a different view.
  • Stroller: This is a lightweight form of the above. From the ages of 6 months+, you’ll want something easily manoeuvrable that’ll adapt as they grow.

Thankfully, hybrid pushchairs, which offer all of the above features, can be with you from birth through to toddler age. The Strada Pushchair for example, is suitable from birth up to 15kg (approximately 2-3 years old). Saving you time and research down the line, this pushchair can adjust with you and your little one as they hit those important milestones.

Consider comfort for your little one

Comfortable pushchair

When choosing which pushchair to go for, be sure to look at what support and comfort it offers. You want something that gives padding in the seat liner, with straps that ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for your little one. Your carry cot should also have a soft mattress, we’d suggest looking for cotton-based materials to help keep baby comfortable and regulate their temperature.

Must have accessories for your stroller:
  • Carry cot: An essential for babies from birth, this will make sure they can lie flat on a comfortable mattress and have a snooze wherever they are.
  • Footmuff: A winter accessory that’ll help to keep your little one warm in the cold weather. Look for waterproof and wind resistant materials for the unpredictable winter weather. Be sure to get one that fits with the design of your pushchair so your little one can be secured with the pushchair straps.
Additional accessories to consider for your pushchair:
  • Changing bag: Having a changing bag that compliments the design of your stroller allows you to pop it over the handle. Otherwise, this may be something you have to carry on you or take up space in your stow-away basket. Let the pushchair do all of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Parasol: Like the changing bag, a parasol that’s been designed with your pushchair in mind will mean a good fit and an extra level of comfort for your baby. Keep the sun out of their eyes or simply protect them from the weather on rainy days.

Wheel size and manoeuvrability – What adventures will you and baby be heading on?

Think about the kind of adventures you’ll be heading on and look for a pushchair that suits your lifestyle. If you live in the city or like to go on lengthy walks, you’ll want a pushchair with some features of a stroller. Look for the best lightweight stroller and all-terrain wheels that’ll make it easy to manoeuvre. This means a comfortable journey for you and your little one, and will encourage you to get out and about.

Best lightweight stroller is the Strada

If you live in the country and depend on a car to get to the shops, you’ll want something that’s easily collapsible and compact. Look for a one hand folding stroller to make even the shortest journeys fuss-free. You’ll want a pushchair that makes it easy for you – whether you’re going out for the day or heading to baby group

A pushchair that easily folds, even with one hand will make getting out and about easier.

Test out the adjustments you can make to your pushchair

It’s important to have a pushchair that’s comfortable for you to use. Be sure to check that the handle height can be adjusted to your height. Additionally, and we cannot stress the importance of this enough, look for the best lightweight stroller that lets you navigate around corners and down tight streets easily. A heavy pushchair that’s challenging to move manoeuvre might make you feel less inclined to get out and about. It may look pretty but if it doesn’t do the job, you’ll likely have to order something different, which is an expense you could do without when you have a little one.

Best lightweight stroller, the Strada

To make it even more comfortable, look at the recline levels of your pushchair. As we mentioned above, when your baby is born, they’ll need to lie down until they are able to sit up unaided. You really want a pushchair that’ll adjust with them as and when they need these different settings – even when they’re able to sit up, you’ll still want them to be able to lie down for naptimes.

Look at the safety features provided

Be sure to review the various features of your pushchair and how they can help to keep your little one safe and secure.

Make sure that there are sufficient harnesses that you can adjust as they get older. If you’re using different accessories, ensure that you can still strap your baby in securely. As we said, looking for accessories that compliment the design of your pushchair will give baby optimum safety and comfort.

We’d also recommend looking at the different materials used on the pushchair. There needs to be plenty of ventilation so air is able to flow through, even when using a carry cot or footmuff. We’d also recommend a peekaboo window and removable visor, so you can keep an eye on your little one when they’re snoozing whilst still protecting them from the elements.

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