It may not seem possible but you can in fact experience the Norwegian Fjords in a long weekend. Although it can mean you spend a significant proportion of your time travelling, and it can be quite tiring, it is worth every moment. As a destination that often features in a bucket list, the Fjords are a beautiful sight to behold and if you get any chance to go, even if just for a weekend, we’d highly recommend it. To help you plan, here’s our guide to seeing the Fjords of Norway in a weekend.

Getting to Norway

You can fly direct to Oslo, Norway’s capital, from Stansted for as little as £30 with Ryanair. It’s a quick flight, only 1 hour and 45 minutes, and with daily flights, you should always be able to find a good price.

Myrdal Station, so quiet

Myrdal Station, Norway

The Fjords

Journeying to the Fjords can see you taking planes, buses, boats and trains to see some of the most picturesque destinations you’ll ever have the pleasure of seeing. You see, much of the Fjords is quite inaccessible so an itinerary often means taking different modes of transport to see some of the most remote parts in the world. Take for example Myrdal in the picture above. There is no road connection to this village and is only accessible by train. It is situated 867m above sea level and a route through the mountains.

Book your Fjords trip through a tour operator

I highly recommend booking your Fjords excursion with a tour operator as they’ve curated a number of different packages for the best Fjords experience. Whether you have only one day or want to stretch out the experience, you’ll be able to make the most of your time in Norway.

We booked our trip through the Fjords tours for Norway in a Nutshell. These tours were fully customisable with various start and finishes points, options to book into hotels and add on additional excursions. Helping you to pick a trip of a lifetime around your budgets and timetable.

View of Bergen from Mount Floyen

Panorama view of Bergen from the top of Mount Floyen

For our trip, we decided on a 2 day trip around the Fjords with an overnight stay in the city of Bergen. This allowed us to spread the travel time out a little, which also allowed for some exploration time too.

Visiting Bergen

Bergen is a gorgeous mix of historical and modern architecture and breathtaking scenes. Normally quite wet (large umbrellas can be found in most hotel rooms), we were lucky to get a day of sunshine, so a trip up the Floyen mountain on the funicular (cable railway) for the most breathtaking views was a must! This, pretty much, was the limits to our excursions in Bergen. We had a nose around the shops and walked alongside the harbour but we wanted to make sure we were well rested for the following day.

Our Fjords tour began from Bergen, to Voss (by train), to Gudvangen (by bus), to Flam (on a cruise), to Myrdal (by train), with a final train back to Oslo.

Our Fjords tour

Technically, our Fjords tour was over a single day. It ran from 8:45am until 10:25pm. It’s a long day, but broken up with a number of stops for photo opportunities and rest breaks. A personal highlight was the ferry between Gudvangen and Flam, the beautiful scenery in the fresh, crisp air is something you can’t describe. As your journeying down the Nærøyfjord (a UNESCO World Heritage site) you can really ignite your senses to the site and sound of the Fjords. Depending on time of year, you may well hear the explosion of ice cracking, and water cascading down the mountains- that was really quite awe inspiring to see.

What’s amazing about the Fjords tour is that when you’re seemingly travelling from one destination to another, there is just so much to see and Norway is such a beautiful country.

Despite being mid-April, the further and higher from Oslo we were going, the more snow we’d see. Not just mountain tops either, but lakes and homes covered in snow and ice. All of the sites were just majestic, absolutely beautiful and simply indescribable.

Oslo, the capital of Norway

The Royal Palace, Oslo

The Royal Palace, Oslo

If you want cultural experiences, then be sure to add a night in Oslo to your itinerary. Take a stroll up (literally up) the Opera house building, visit the Royal Palace, where they host, I hear, the most amazing Independance day celebrations (ask any Norwegian about these traditions, you’ll hear such wonderful coloured stories). Then there are the museums, shops, bars, restaurants and galleries – they have a statue park in Oslo which I hear is something you should see if you get the chance.

Of course Norway itself is also very well known for skiing, hiking and amazing seafood. But I think, if you want a true Norwegian experience, pay a visit to the Fjords and you’ll understand why so many are proud to call it their home.

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