Written in collaboration with Rosana Beechum

More than ever before, many of us are starting to consider the effects of our carbon footprint and just how much damage our lifestyle and daily choices could be having on the environment. While we have been aware of the threats of climate change for some time, as more countries around the world are starting to act, it is important that we sit up and listen.

It is wrong to assume that making more eco-friendly choices in your day-to-day life must mean huge disruption or inconvenience, and instead even a few simple changes can make a huge difference. To get you started, here are three eco-friendly ways that you can you get around without causing unnecessary damage to the planet.

Walk where you can

Walking where possible

Whether you are rushing to get somewhere, or you simply just feel a bit lazy, many of us are guilty of jumping in the car instead of walking the short distance to where we want to go. While you may think that these short car trips are not doing that much damage, each small trip soon adds up.

Walking to your destination when you can is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for your health and wellbeing. Walking a short distance every day is a great way to keep fit, lower blood pressure, and reduce body fat.

Consider an electric car

In recent years, electric and hybrid cars have become increasingly popular as people have discovered the benefits for not only the planet, but also for their own pockets. Running and maintaining cars is not easy, but electric cars have been found to be much more affordable. Electric cars are looking to be the future, especially with new legislation introduced by the UK government that states new homes and buildings must be built with electric vehicle chargers.

Therefore, if you have been thinking about getting an electric vehicle, now would be a good time to invest. If you aren’t sure whether an electric car is the right vehicle for you, then you can find the right advice online. This quiz for instance is a great tool to utilise to help you make an informed decision: https://www.lvelectrix.co.uk/basics/is-an-electric-car-right-for-me.

Cycle instead

Riding a bike

If your destination is too far for you to walk, then don’t automatically assume that your only option is to jump behind the wheel. Instead, you could cycle. If you can switch even one 10-kilometre journey from car to your bike every week, then you could burn around 300 calories each time and save 300 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions every year. Imagine how much this would help the planet if everyone in your city alone did this, never mind the whole world.

Living an eco-friendlier lifestyle doesn’t have to be as complicated or as much of an upheaval as you would think, and by making a few simple changes you can dramatically reduce the impact your daily choices have on the environment

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