imageLost Edens – A True Story, by Jamie Patterson

210 pages, paperback

Published August 2011 by Beaver’s Pond Press

A warning ahead: Any review you read – this one included – will spoil the experience just a little.

It is a brave and honest account of a woman trying to salvage her marriage; a captivating read.

Spoilers ahead!

All I knew when I set out reading the book was that author and protagonist Jamie was starting a new life with her husband in San Diego, Southern California. She made this decision despite her family’s concerns. Concerns which are, it turns out, very strong. From the start she says she had to choose to either let her family know where she lives or her husband, she chose the latter.

There was no sign of what the issues may be and I eased into the book. Jamie seems a perfectionist, wanting to create an impeccable home for her and her husband, thinking of everything from the correct colour of sheets to his shampoo.

Within the first 24 hours of their reunion it becomes apparent that something is wrong. imageIt is not just about his infidelity. She must be hiding something and I wonder what it could be. So far, Jamie seemed like a loving and caring wife who would do anything for her husband.

This is a story about a woman trying to find her way out of emotional abuse. It reads almost like thriller; I felt I had to discover the truth about the characters, never knowing who to trust and what to believe until I slowly saw the whole picture.

Jamie Patterson’s gripping debut novel of the last week of her marriage is beautifully written and takes you on her journey through emotional abuse and self-doubt to her new independent life.

ISBN 1592983863, (ISBN13 9781592983865)

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