When the opportunity arose to have a private dining experience with La Belle Assiette in my home, admittedly, I was a little apprehensive. My home is very much my sanctuary as I am sure it is for all of you. So inviting someone you don’t know into your home to spend a several hours cooking, catering and cleaning up (yes, you read that right!) seemed a little daunting. As the title of our publication goes though, we’re willing to give most things a try, particularly if it can make life easier, heighten experiences and generally be helpful.

From the start, Dave, our chef was a delight to work with. Through the La Belle Assiette website there are generally several menu options each chef presents to give you a taste of what they could do for you; however, from my initial conversation with him, he literally could have created a menu to my exact specifications if I wanted something entirely different. A somewhat fussy party (one of us allergic to peppers- of all things- yep that’s me!) and a vegetarian requirement too, was no problem at all for Dave who offered alternatives to any course that was restrictive for our requirements.

Throughout, we were in touch with our chef and the La Belle Assiette team and they even sent out an invite to my dinner party for me. It was the added touches that made the difference.

From initially being a little pensive at the thought of allowing someone I didn’t know into my kitchen, I’m glad I went with it.  They instantly got rid of all my concerns with their outgoing and warm nature and gave me confidence they would give us a fantastic evening and make our guests experience one they wouldn’t forget.

The food was unbelievable starting with a spectacular pork belly with amazing cracking and apple sauce. I think it is safe to say for most of us it was the highlight of the meal and an incredible way to start.  For the vegetarians an amazing mushroom soup started it off which was rich and wholesome and went down a treat.

Pork belly starter

During the whole meal, Lauren, Dave’s colleague, catered to our needs asking if she could top up drinks, cleaned everything as she went and showed a professionalism of any high-class restaurant.  One of my biggest frustrations of hosting a diner party is the sections between courses where I can’t take part in the conversation, it just kind of breaks up the whole night, but not with La Belle Assiette catering for you.

When the mains came, we all enjoyed a succulent farmhouse chicken, with stacked potatoes and a tomato sauce which made the whole dish dance on the taste buds.  Our vegetarian’s pea risotto was, and I quote, ‘the best she’d ever had’; any vegetarian can attest that often risotto is the only option for those that eat meat-free so this is a high testament.

Finally desert came which was an indulgent way to complete the meal, a chocolate and orange marquise which was enjoyed to appreciative hums, each of us savouring every last bite. Once the meal was over David and Lauren ensured our entire kitchen was spotless and didn’t leave until all our guests were well fed, happy and having had an incredible experience.


For the prices charged, I would argue this experience gives better quality food, better quality service and an overall better experience than going out to a restaurant and the prices are comparable.  In addition, we can consume our own alcohol, there’s no stress of taxis or being restricted in terms of times or pressure to leave your table.  You can be as noisy as you like too (as long as you don’t upset your neighbours), listen to your own music and set your own ambiance.  This was a completely stress-free experience, and an extremely different way to have a dining experience very few would have experienced.

I’ll be booking again, and hopefully I get David and Lauren back!

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