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A christening is an important occasion for both a child and his or her family. It provides the opportunity to welcome the new baby into the church and also into their wider circle of friends and family. For many extended family members and friends, this will be their first opportunity to meet the new addition.

Most children will receive plenty of bibles and silver money boxes shaped like a variety of different animals to celebrate their Christening. These are great gifts but if you are looking for something a little more unusual and memorable then here is a selection of Christening gift ideas that will really impress.

A Charm Bracelet

If you have a generous budget and are looking for a special gift for a child you are close to (such as a goddaughter or close family member) then why not consider buying them a silver charm bracelet?

You can choose the bracelet with one charm on it for their Christening gift (a cross or their initial would make a great symbolic charm to begin with). Then you can continue to add additional charms each year as birthday and Christmas gifts. The best thing is that these charms can be chosen each year to reflect their hobbies, interests and passions. This allows the bracelet to grow and expand as the child’s interest do. The child will end up with a piece of jewellery loaded with memories of her childhood.

A Favourite Toy

Whilst most christening gifts are given to the baby to save for their adulthood, if you really want to see a baby smile then why not give them a gift that they can enjoy now? Baby soft toys make great gifts for small children and most children will develop a special relationship with their favourite soft toys that they will keep and cherish into adulthood. What better gift to give them for their journey through childhood than a special bear to enjoy the journey with them?

A Children’s Classic

If you’re looking for a gift that will bring fun and enjoyment to both the child and the parents then why not choose a classic children’s book with a personal inscription? Reading to children from an early age is so important for their development, and is also a great way to strengthen the bond between parents and infants. Buying a baby a book is a gift that they can enjoy again and again as a family.

A Keepsake Box

If you lend towards more practical gifts, why not buy the baby a beautiful engraved wooden keepsake box? Not only will this present look great on display in the baby’s bedroom, it will also give the parents an attractive place to store other keepsakes they receive on the christening day. This gives all the gifts a place of honour in the household and keeps them from being loss among all the other baby gifts and toys. As children grow up, keepsake boxes can also be put into use for keeping jewellery, mementos, and other important treasures, as they accumulate them.

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