5 Tips To Taking The Best Selfies

Posted on Feb 14 2018 - 11:10am by Samantha Clark

From capturing special moments to checking in on social, there are many reasons to take a selfie. But it’s the ability to get the perfect picture in an instant and be happy with the result first time that’s the trick. To help you achieve the best and ultimate selfie in one shot, we share our 5 tips.

1. Tools

Ever fumbled with your phone trying to take a selfie? Haven’t we all! If you can’t get a good grip on your phone you could end up with blurred photos, having to hold a pose for so long that it ends up looking fake or worse, dropping your phone.

Make taking selfies (and using your phone generally) easier with Popsockets. Popsockets are super handy moveable phone grips that allow you to hold the phone firmly, enabling you to capture photos more effortlessly. Whether using the buttons on the side or the main button on the phone itself, Popsockets will sit where you want so you can get the best photo first time and with just one hand. So you can capture relaxed, open, beautiful pictures easily. There are many beautiful styles, something to suit every personality at Claire’s.

2. Lighting


It’s all about the right lighting when it comes to picture perfect selfies, but how do you get perfect lighting?

Taking your selfies in front of a light

During the day, stand in front of or around a window; the natural light is always complimentary. After dark, take your photos in a brightly lit room, like the kitchen. Always stand in front of the light to get the most flattering photos. If you’ve ever wondered why your bathroom selfies on a night out are the best ones, it’s because, generally, bathrooms will have lighting above the mirrors which is super complimentary when taking a photo.

You can manufacturer this with light up cases or selfie lights– these sit on the front of your phone to give you the light you need to take the most complimentary photos.

When outdoors

The only exception to this is when you’re outdoors. Don’t take your selfies with the sun in your eyes as you’ll only end up scrunching which isn’t very flattering. Instead, stand with your back to the sun, covering it with your head as much as possible to get an ethereal glow.

3. Props

When taking your selfies  don’t be afraid to show off a new do, highlight a particular feature like smoky eyes or bold lips, show off what you’re doing, a new outfit or who you’re with. Selfies tell your story, let others know what you’re up to and give a taste of your personality.  Just frame the photo to show it off.

4. Pose


This is one of the trickier aspects to taking a photo but it can be perfected. Hone your pose by trying out different things and finding your mark:

  • Test each side of the face- no one’s face is symmetrical and one side is usually more flattering than the other. Try taking photos of the left side, right side and straight on to find your preference.
  • Tilt your head- Using your chin to guide and provide a mark, try different tilts of the head to find what’s most complimentary. Try lifting your chin up, tucking it in, angling it slightly to the left or right to see what works best for you
  • Positioning the phone- if taking group selfies you may not get a say in this always but for the times your taking photos of yourself it is good to know what camera angles work best for you too. Try the camera from above so you have to look up to it (whether just eyes or lifting your head) or whether it’s best to sit in front. If you have to take a photo with the camera down, move the phone away from the body as it’ll not be flattering- mostly though, photos at this angle aren’t complimentary.  
  • For full body pics, use a mirror- ensure there isn’t too much going on in or around it as it’ll draw focus.
  • If taking a photo of your feet- point the camera straight down from the hips to help your legs look slender.

When it comes to posing, always pay attention to what is in the background. Look out for strewn clothes, rubbish, potential photo bombers etc.  as this can be distracting and potentially embarrassing.

5. Apps, Filters & Editing

It’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to editing. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking a photo or using a filter but be careful to add too many layers or go overboard with it. You still want your picture to come across natural.

Your photo app offers basic customisation that allows you to adjust brightness, cover some blemishes etc. but if you’re looking for something a little more professional have a play around with Photoshop Fix– the app by Adobe that offers some professional editing for free!

What are your best selfie tips? We’d love to hear them, share below!

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