Summer is here, which means lots of fun in the sun and days out with the kids. It also means a lot of planning, organising and even more patience! Even just a trip to the supermarket can feel like you’re preparing and packing for a weeks holiday…and when you’re trying to get the family together and into the car so you can get out and enjoy the sunshine, it’s only inevitable that something important gets forgotten about…

Having your essentials packed for the day, ready in a bag by the front door will certainly help your day go a little smoother. So, I’ve put together a list of 6 items that no parent should leave home without.

Entertainment for the kids

If you’re heading somewhere that requires a little bit of patience from the children – either queuing, a long car journey or even going round the shops, then providing a little entertainment will certainly go down a treat! Keep some printed activity sheets or colouring pages in the car along with plenty of crayons. Printing, rather than buying, activity sheets can save you a lot of money too. Be sure to keep a top up of Printer Inks Cartridges so you can print at a moments notice. There are plenty of free sheets online that you can download and print from home too.

pack activity packs for travelling

Packing a few of the kids favourite little toys from home too works wonders!

A fully charged phone

If you’ve been up since the crack of dawn with the little ones, then chances are your phone’s battery might be on the low side by the afternoon – thanks social media! So, make sure, before you go out, that your device has plenty of charge. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all those perfect family photo moments or the chance to call someone in case of an emergency.

Sun protection

Sunburn and little ones don’t mix. And you need to keep yourself protected from the suns rays too. So, put together a sun protection pack containing a high factor sun cream, sun hats, sunglasses and of course reusable bottles of water. Keep this by the front door or even in the car and that way you’ll always have it to hand.

Sanitising products

Summertime means plenty of picnics and lots of treats! But it also means grubby hands and lots of germs! So, to keep that nasty bacteria at bay, I always like to take a pack of hand sanitising wipes and even a little bottle of sanitising gel. Perfect for the little ones to use before they eat and after they’ve used a public toilet!

Don’t forget to pack some snacks

Hungry kids = hungry kids (and you’ll never hear the end of it!). You might have a wonderful picnic planned, but you didn’t plan to be stuck in traffic for hours…Having a few extra snacks to hand for when you’re little ones start to get tummy rumbles is ideal. Breadsticks, cereal bars, fruit, yoghurt tubes and crackers are ideal snacks that will keep those tummy rumbles at bay and won’t spoil their appetite.

Know your route

You might be heading to your favourite family spot, but did you take traffic into consideration? Are there are roadworks that could hamper your plans? Before you travel, make sure you’re up to date with the latest travel news, it’ll stop you getting stressed and the kids from being disappointed. Plan in a couple of bathroom breaks too so you can be sure everyone gets a chance to go to the bathroom when needed and have a good stretch to boost energy and morale.

We’d also recommend packing a road map for your destination- just in case!

We hope these tips have proved helpful! Do you have any advise for happy travelling with the family? We’d love to hear from you, share your ideas in our comments box below!

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