You’ve found the perfect dress, sweater, jeans, top and you’re desperate to wear it out. And if you’re anything like me, to wash it would take days- probably can’t tumble dry it, the weather will be crappy. Surely it won’t matter if I wear it just once?

Well, it turns out that in addition to being exposed to someone else’s germs we’re exposing ourselves to chemicals from the manufacturing process.

Our wash is almost most probably the first wash ever. God knows what that fabric went through!

We’re talking clothing dyes, fabric preservatives to prevent the items going stale and mouldy before making its way to you. And not forgetting chemicals applied to fabrics to make the process easier.

Lana Hogue, clothing manufacturing expert, recommends washing anything that’ll touch skin and/or is exposed to sweat before wearing. But if it’s marked as dry clean, just give it a good air. The dry cleaning process will only push more chemicals into the item.

We’d recommend taking a look at this article by Elle which looks into the subject in more detail including the potential skin conditions unwashed clothing can cause and the type of chemicals they use in the process, it’s pretty scary stuff!

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