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You don’t necessarily need any fancy equipment to ensure you’re getting a thorough workout, your body is an effective tool by itself. However, if you’re looking to intensify your routine or simply want to switch things up, you won’t need to invest in lots of new materials for variation, there are plenty of items around the home that you can use for your home workout. We show you how.

Using the stairs for a workout

Exercise on the stairs

You can use the stairs as a way to up the ante on your cardio routine.

Running up the stairs helps you to burn more calories than running alone and build-up and strengthen your muscles. It also works the heart and lungs harder too. For safety though, always walk back down the stairs.

How to:

Use the bottom step for step ups which helps to improve your balance and stamina, step jumps to improve your power, and for split squats to build a deeper lunge.

How you can use detergent or water bottles in your workout

If you’re looking for weights, filled water bottles or washing powder can be just as effective weights or kettle-bells to help you build on upper body strength, or help intensify your squats. In terms of actually weight, you could be lifting anywhere between 1 and 8kg.

Effortless sit-ups using the bed or sofa

When you start doing sit-ups it can be a real struggle if you’ve not got someone to hold your feet firmly in place. If this is the case, tuck your toes under the bed or sofa to give you that stability to help you perform sit-ups more effortlessly.

Washing powder workout

You can use your washing basket, washing powder or condition for an effective arms workout.

Using a chair will give you a full body workout

Chairs make great tools in working on your arms, core and even your leg strength.

How to for arms:  sit on the very edge of the chair and hold on to the edges of the seat pad, squat in front of the chair to build on your triceps and arm strength.

Strengthen your hips and thighs with hip marching: sitting upright, but not against the chair back, arms holding on to the side of the seat, lift your knee (one at a time) upwards towards your chest as far as comfortable, then switch legs.

Engage your core at all times with both routines on the chair and you’ll be giving your stomach muscles a good workout too.

Do you have any other helpful tips and tricks for working out around the home? Share them with us in the comments below.

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