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A well planned office is an essential part of any business model. By creating the correct office environment, you can not only keep your employees happy, but also boost their productivity. Offices should be a reflection of your company, its vision and its values. So, with this in mind, how can you create the best possible working environment for your employees and what factors should you consider when designing an office?


Happy office

At present, only 43% of employees believe that their office environment enhances their productivity. Meanwhile, 20% of employees actually believe that their office environment actually harms their productivity. To improve productivity, you should consider a number of factors, such as:

Lighting: Dim light slows creative progress. When designing your office, try to include as much natural light as possible to improve morale and energise staff. Windows and views can also be good for idea generation.

Temperature: If your employees are too hot or too cold, then they’ll struggle to focus. It could be worth conducting a survey of your employees to find the perfect temperature for the office, as everyone has different sensitivities.

Ergonomic features: If your employees are desk based, then you should consider the design of their desk and chair. Not only can discomfort take its toll on productivity, but it can also lead to larger problems such as migraines, stiff necks and back problems.

Noise: Noise can be the sign of a healthy workplace. However, noise that goes beyond a tolerable level can cause distraction, affecting productivity. So, consider carefully whether you should have radios or televisions switched on.

Lines of Communication

Having the correct lines of communication for both employees and managers can lead to a familiar, welcoming and happy working environment. As a result of this, you should consider the layout of your office.

Managers may like to be in offices for peace, but this may isolate them from staff, making them less approachable. Likewise, having staff in individual pods may lessen the amount of idle chatter, but it may demoralise them and prevent effective communication.

Client Meetings

office space

If you regularly invite clients to your office space, then you should consider the office aesthetic. You should endeavour to create a working environment that’s clean, clutter free, packed with light and inspiring. To get creative juices flowing, consider bold colours, break out spaces and white boards. You should also consider matching the colour scheme in your office to your business’s branding for continuity.

If you do not want to invest the funds in the aesthetics of your office as clients do not visit regularly, then you could consider using a serviced office for client meetings instead.

To conclude, your office environment is really important for creating a productive and happy working environment. How will you create yours?

This post was created in collaboration with BE Offices

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