The freelance lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone. That said, for others it’s a god send of sorts. As with most jobs, it all really comes down to the individual and what they want to get out of their work. Somewhat surprisingly, self-employed people now make up 15% of the population, and that percentage is expected to rise even further in time. There must be something in it, no?

Consequently, let’s quickly examine why freelance jobs have their pros and cons.

Pro: More Agency

Many workers desperately crave a feeling of control when doing their jobs. No matter how many times it’s banded around a CV, no one really thrives on being told what to do day in, day out. A bit of agency and independence can really make people enjoy their jobs more, and these days, it’s more easily found in the freelancing arena.

A freelancer can essentially choose their industry, pick their own hours, choose their own gear and equipment, and get straight to work. Whether they’re a writer or a taxi driver, all the things they could need to do their jobs can be found online with little stress or fuss. They’re the ones making the decisions. In the end, this can all be liberating for the right kind of person!

Con: Flying Solo

Sometimes freelances work with others, but it’s often the case that they work alone. This is especially true in the case of remote workers, who may be sat at home all day by themselves. Consequently, things can get rather lonely very fast, and those typical workplace experiences of office banter or evening drinks with colleagues don’t come to fruition. 

This is one of the biggest hurdle’s freelancers need to overcome. A life outside of the work becomes more important, because if freelancers aren’t careful, they can find themselves barely leaving their own homes for days at a time. Even for the non-home workers, tunnel vision often occurs too for freelancers, without colleagues around to support them. Therefore, they do need to make sure they.

Pro/Con: Unpredictable Aspects

Freelancers are tasked with the gargantuan effort of securing their own workloads. In other words, no one is simply waiting around to give it to them; freelancers need to hustle from one job or client to the next. Occasionally, they build up a report with a client and work with them on a recurring basis and juggle multiple jobs at any one time. Depending on your characteristics, this is either exciting or utterly stress inducing.

Some people thrive on this energy, and others unfortunately buckle under the pressure. Therefore, it can be tough to tell if the unpredictable nature of freelancing is a pro or a con; it all depends on one’s individual perspective. Because the work is constantly fluctuating, the pay is also fluctuating. One month can be busier than ever before, and the freelancer stands to earn a gobsmacking amount of cash. Other months can be quieter, and the worker earns very little.


Ultimately, the freelancing lifestyle is like riding a wave; sometimes you’re up, and other times you’re down. That said, for those who love to hustle, be their own bosses, and plough through all the risks head-on, the freelancing lifestyle can most certainly be for them!

This piece was created in collaboration with Cab Direct

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