We’ve talked extensively on the site about facials; why you should have them regularly, characteristics of skin type, how they can help to hydrate skin in the winter etc.  but when it comes to having a professional facial in salon, what can you expect?

We popped along to The Harley Street Skin Clinic, world-renowned skin care experts, to experience first-hand a first-class professional facial, The Harley Street Facial.

First and foremost, every facial should be tailored to your individual needs

Prior to your actual treatment, you should sit with your facialist and discuss your skin type, how your skin typically behaves, any problem areas or concerns and anything in particular you’d like focused on.

The products they use, should be specific to your skin concerns and problems.

Sajila, who is the loveliest facialist you could ever hope to meet, noted some breakouts and problem areas, without me having to point them out. She talked through the process of my treatment and recommended a double cleanse, followed by a double mask- one to continue the clear out and another to hydrate and plump the skin full of vitamins to allow it to heal and glow.

You’ll benefit from alleviated tension

A facial is not just about the products used on your skin. Oh no. The appearance in our skin is as much to do with tension as it is anything else. Our expressions and lifestyle habits totally impact the tone, texture and condition of our skin. If you don’t wear sunglasses and squint frequently, you’ll develop crows’ feet; if you purse your lips (smokers!) too much, you’ll get fine lines here; if you chew lots of gum, rest your hand on your chin/cheek, you’ll likely develop jowls.

A professional facial will work on the different groups of muscles in the face to stimulate collagen production, help with detoxification and drainage and increase circulation to give it a glowing and youthful appearance.

Your tension will be massaged away.

During my facial, with each new product applied and even during a dedicated massage of the face, Sajila worked extensively to work out tension and work on toning my face. It wasn’t just my face, whilst the masks were getting to work, where some salons just leave you in the dark, this treatment benefits from a neck, shoulder and arm massage too. It made it a very relaxing experience but one that delivered results. I left the clinic on cloud 9! My shoulders have not been so relaxed in a long time (and neither had my face!).  

You’ll see an immediate difference

You should come out of your facial and know you’ve experienced something wonderful. Sajila was personable, focused and dedicated to the needs of my skin. Not only did I leave with glowing, fresh skin, but it felt the cleanest I’d ever known it to be. It felt so smooth and toned and even 3 days later when writing this, I am still getting that same result. You should experience a lasting impression with a professional facial.

You will notice an immediate difference.

You’re in knowledgeable and safe hands

As a final thought, your facialist should have extensive experience in skin care. Do your research on their background and experience. Not only will you get the best care and treatment during your facial, with immediate results afterwards, but they can make the best and most honest recommendations for you. You’ll leave your treatment with fresh eyes on how best to care for your skin and what you can do to continually achieve your skin care goals.

Everyone at The Harley Street Skin Care Clinic, has extensive experience in the skin care sector. I’d feel safe in the hands of anyone at the clinic. Sajila is always such a pleasure to see, I appreciate her advice, experience and having a good natter with her too.

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We’ve partnered with The Harley Street Skin Clinic to giveaway one of these incredible facials and £200 worth of their highly acclaimed and highly-effective products. Head to our competitions page to find out more.

This facial was provided with compliments (and huge thanks) of The Harley Street Skin Clinic to allow us to share our experience of a professional facial and what you, our lovely readers can also experience.

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